Dear Kids, Your summertime boredom is not my problem, it is my solution. I know it may seem like cruel to have hours ahead of you with no plans, but it is the depravation of summer free-time that is punishment.  It is my goal to bore you into your own creative fun.

Your Boredom is Not My Problem on Kids Activities Blog

Don’t think I am actually ignoring your lifeless body writhing slowly in activity-less agony on the living room floor accompanied by “there is nothing to do!”  Inside it makes me smile because I know at some point you will get bored of that activity and find a better one.

Don’t think I didn’t notice the other day that after  a big episode of boredom, you and your brother created your own board game.  After your father and I played it, we marveled at your ability to think up and design such intricate details.

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Don’t think I really believe those wild claims that “every single one of my friends gets to play video games as long as they want to” but “I don’t get to!”  I know your friend’s parents well and  have confirmed that their children’s life isn’t one big party either.

Don’t think I didn’t notice the massive blanket and sheet tent that took up the entire basement.  Your tent architectural skills continue to grow.  This masterpiece had three separate areas – one for each kid in the family.

I will never say no to accompanying you on a walk to explore a nearby trail.

I will never say no to reading a favorite book out loud together.

I will never say no to creating the ultimate summer smoothie.

I will never say no to going to the park and swinging together.

I will never say no to assisting you with your next big idea.

But I want it to be YOUR idea.

If we are always playing MY game, you never will design one.

If you are always wrapped up in electronics, you will never look up at life.

If we are building the blanket tent that is in my head, it will be the same every time and boringly symmetrical.

This summer is a time for you to play the way you play.

To explore what you want to explore.

To create whatever you want.

Childhood is short and I want you to squeeze every minute out of it, even if it includes some boring ones.


Your Mother

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