5 Ways to Make Summer Pool Time More Fun!

I live in Texas with three boys…it is essential to get them to the pool as often as possible!

Because we don’t have a pool in our backyard, I have to plan ahead to get them regular pool time.  In the early days, I found that getting three boys out of the house with all the pool gear could be a challenge and I was exhausted by the time we arrived.    Through the years, I have learned a lot about keeping these outings fun {and not stressful}!

boys in pool


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Here are some tips for getting the whole family to the pool  without losing your summer spirit:

Choose a pool that is the right fit for your child.  All three of my boys were not big fans of crowds and being splashed in the face which meant we were better off at the local city pool than a neighborhood splash pad or the big waterpark for the first few years.  While slides and jungle gyms under sprinklers look like fun from the outside, it just made them nervous and restricted their love of water.  Once they were used to putting their heads under water on their own timetable, these places became more attractive.

Band Aid Water Block


Waterproof is awesome!  Childhood is full of minor scrapes and scratches which means at least one of my boys is sporting a Band-Aid on nearly every pool trip.  We love the Band-Aid Water Block bandages because they are 100% waterproof and stay put, no matter what the activity.  I learned that a covered wound actually heals faster than an uncovered one, so I always keep these on hand for the pool, or any water-related activities.

Grab a friend.  Making a trip to the pool to meet friends is our favorite summer activity.  There are several local families who are willing to go on our adventures and it always turns out more fun.  The kids can play together and I get some adult conversation with some of my favorite people.  I have learned that it is fine to send out a text like “meet us at the pool in 30 minutes if you are available” instead of assuming people are too busy…sometimes my invitation comes at just the right time.

Choose a location you can either relax–even when participating.  One thing I loved about our favorite city pool was I could see my kids from any location.  I could be playing in the shallow water with the baby while keeping an eye on the older two.  As they became better swimmers, I could be sitting in the shade while still supervising.  Even though the pool had lifeguards, it allowed me to enjoy the afternoon better when I could see everything that was happening.

pool time


Water toys take play  to a new level.  My boys love the toys that sit at the bottom of the pool for underwater treasure hunts.  We have several simple items that I tuck into my beach bag to pull out when they start looking for something to do.  These toys are great because they encourage skills that they need for being a strong swimmer, but are so much fun they don’t realize they are  practicing strokes.  They also like floating toys that are magically transformed into boats to take into battle or sail the seven seas.  Each public pool may  have guidelines as to what type of toys are allowed for the safety of all swimmers, so make sure to check those out beforehand.

We have some other summer essentials that make our time between pool visits more fun…

Joy Cho Bandages


Joy Cho Bandages – If you are a fan of Oh Joy! like I am, you might recognize the bandage pattern above.  Joy Cho has created a line of “designer” Band-Aid bandages that are so fun to wear that I have hid them at home for my own personal use.  She also designed a cute little first aid kit that is available at Target and is perfect to grab for day & road trips.

Finding Dory Bandages – Yay!!!  My kids can’t wait until the movie comes out next month, but we can get started with the fun with the Finding Dory Band-Aid bandages.  They can make  almost any bandage-recipient smile!

Enjoy summer! Set yourself up for fun.  Let’s play…

A big thank you to our sponsor, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc.  All opinions expressed are my own.