You are a great parent (if you weren’t, you probably wouldn’t be reading this, right?), but you probably want to be an even better parent.   Maybe you want to be more of a fun mom, or more of a strict mom? Whatever the reason, you are here to learn and that is what we want to help you with today…  to be the best parent that you can be! Below you will find 10 articles with amazing parenting advice. Each one has a little bit of advice that will all add up to you being the best parent that you can be. I find that I learn the most from others, so I hope that this helps you to do the same.


1. IN DEFENSE OF ABSURDLY EARLY BEDTIMES Sneak Peek: Summer is right around the corner, which means I’ll soon undergo my annual metamorphosis into the monster of a parent who drags her kids away from barbecues and outdoor concerts an hour before other parents do. Yup, I make my almost 2-year-old and 5-year-old go to bed at 7 and 7:30 p.m., respectively. I know you think I’m “rigid and no fun,” that I’m denying my kids a joyful childhood because they rarely get to frolic outside at dusk. I get a lot of crap for it. “Can’t you just…?” my friends ask. No. I’m sorry, no, I can’t. Read more on Slate here.   2. 18 FAMILY FRIENDLY BACKYARD IDEAS FOR MAKING MEMORIES Sneak Peek: Looking for backyard ideas?? Is your backyard the place to be? As the temerpratures are warming up there is little I like to do more than sit outside with the kiddos! Let them get out steam at the end of the day. Here are some backyard projects — little tricks and changes (and maybe a couple big projects) that can help make your backyard a place where memories are made! Read more on One Crazy House.   3. DEAR TODDLER, I’M SORRY ABOUT THE NEW BABY Sneak Peek: Dear Toddler, I’m sorry about the New Baby. I’m sorry that since he’s been here, things have been totally different for you and for us. I’m sorry for those days/weeks/months where Mommy wasn’t quite herself because if you only knew what my body went through to give birth to that New Baby… Read more on Beauty Through Imperfection here.

Becoming a Better Parents

4. WE ARE GROWING CHILDREN, NOT GRASS Sneak Peek: Becky told me a quote once that stuck with me…and she reminded me of it again this weekend when we were out in back yard as a family, We are growing  men, not grass. She would say that the kids will never remember how nice the grass looked when their Dad cut it, but they will remember when their Dad brought home huge water slide and they played on it all summer long.   They wouldn’t remember how straight the lines were, but they would remember how they would play catch in the back yard.   They wouldn’t remember how green the yard was, but they would remember how they used it to play Freeze Tag with him in the summer evenings. Read more on  Your Modern Dad here.   5.  THE UNEXPECTED BEAUTY OF A SICK DAY Sneak Peek: As soon as we got home, my son gleefully dove for the remote with as much energy as he could muster, knowing that in our house legitimate sickness equals unlimited screen time. I sat down next to him, laptop in hand, and began returning work emails at a rapid clip. And then maybe a half-hour into  The Princess Bride, just as I’d begun editing a long, technical document for a client, something unexpected happened. Mom. Mommy. Will you hold my hand? Read more on Scary Mommy here.

More Helpful Tips

6. I IGNORE MY CHILDREN AND YOU SHOULD TOO Sneak Peek: Back in the day (I won’t mention the time period, since it’ll reveal my age), my parents would shove me and my younger brothers out of the house in the morning and not expect us back until the street lights came on in the evening. We’d ride bikes, hike in the nearby woods (no longer there), wrestle the alligators in the canal (okay, maybe not that extreme), and occasionally steal from the 7-11 in the front of the development. My parents couldn’t call us to check on things because we didn’t have phones. They couldn’t track us with “Find My iPhone” App. They never knew what we were up to, and I don’t think they cared. Read more on Totally the Bomb here.   7. SENSORY PROCESSING DISORDER AND YOUR CHILD Sneak Peek: A few months ago,  on a rainy day in the cold part  of winter, I went with my son’s  class to  an amazing bright, well-lit, colorful museum built just for kids their age. Most of the  seven and eight year olds were so excited, itching to run around and explore. I looked over to see John, my son’s classmate  with sensory processing disorder.  He was going further and further into his own shell.  What is excitement to some children is scary to him. Read more at Kids Activities Blog here.

More Parenting Advice!

8. MY HUSBAND IS A BETTER PARENT THAN I Sneak Peek: I like to think of myself as a good mother. I hesitate to use the word great, because I’m human and cannot be engaged, present, and chipper for my kid as much as I would like to be. But the fact of the matter is, while I consider myself a good mom, my husband is a much better parent than I am. Read more on Scary Mommy here. 9. 15 PERFECTLY HEALTHY SNACKS FOR TODDLERS Sneak Peek: It can be hard to find good snacks for toddlers. They seem to be so picky and of course, we want the things we feed our little ones to be healthy. We found some great snacks you can make right at home and keep around when your toddler is looking for a quick bite to eat. Enjoy! Read more on Kids Activities Blog here.   10. I’M A PINTEREST MOM AND I’M TOTALLY OKAY WITH THAT Sneak Peek: Any given afternoon at my house is often filled with crafts and activities. You can find my daughter and her friends dying eggs with Kool-Aid or exploding soap in the microwave just to see what happens. My daughter has followed suit with her own youtube channel, and I love every second of working on that with her. Read more on Totally the Bomb here. If you want more popular parenting posts, check out a few of our latest ones: You can find even more posts like this on our Facebook page.

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