Tumbling. Creek Pondering. King of the Mud Castle Floating. Lilly pads Considering. Ryan in half Dripping. Hydrangea Daydreaming. rhett on dock with rope Being. day lilly Giving. Reid hands dandelions Playing. Rhett looking out from under blue sail I am super proud of that last shot. It really captures what Rhett looks like right now…he is always giving me THAT LOOK.

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  1. My first visit here and two immediate thoughts:

    a) LOVE your header!!! Striking!

    b) Your photographs? Fabulous. Love the way you see and compose…you’ve definitely got a great eye.

    (I’ll be back!!)


  2. I love these posts you do – with the beautiful pictures accompanied by one word or phrase. Evocative.

  3. They’re all gorgeous–but that last one may be the last vestiges of baby captured on film.