Sometimes you read something and it is such an “ah-ha moment” … a moment where you think, “YES!  Exactly!” Those ah-ha moments of parenting may not be every day, but when they hit you, you know it.  It changes the way that you think, the way that you parent and the way that you live.  Here at Kids Activities Blog, we try to find those posts and share them all in one place for you.   Today, we are bringing your our favorite “ah-ha” posts from the week. ah-ha moments of parenting 1.  WHY IT’S GREAT TO HAVE A STUBBORN CHILD Sneak Peek: Years ago, in preschool, a teacher sent my youngest child, Ainsley, to sit by herself until she was ready to talk about something she ™d done wrong. She sat through circle time. She sat through snack time. She sat through recess and story time and music. It wasn’t until lunchtime that she finally decided to talk. The teacher was surprised by her determination. Me? Not so much. Read more on Time here. 2.  10 TRUTHS MOMS OF BOYS KNOW TOO WELL… Sneak Peek: When I married my husband, I thought I found the love of my life. We ™d been together for so long and marriage was the natural next step in our epic love story. Right away, though, we knew we wanted to start a family. Between us, we had too much love not to spread it around, so when I found out I was pregnant with my first son, we couldn’t have been happier. Looking into my little boys ™ eyes for the first time ever, I realized I onlythought my husband was the love of my life. Sure, sure, different kind of love, but that little boy had me at Hello. Then when my second son was born, it was like our little family was truly complete. Now that they’re a little older, I ™m finding that loving little boys is amazing but also ¦weird. Read more on Totally the Bomb here. 3.  YOUR’E HAVING ANOTHER BABY?! Sneak Peek: We recently announced to family, friends and co-workers that we are expecting our fourth child. However, not everyone shared in our joy. Don’t you two have anything else to do? Wait, how many kids do you have at home already? Can you guys even afford another? This couldn’t have been planned, right? Wow, a fourth. Did you even want another kid? Read more on Kids Activities Blog here. 4.  IT’S ALL ABOUT THE RECOVERY Sneak Peek: Yesterday I yelled at my kids.  Yesterday I cried myself to bed.  Yesterday I lived in a state of annoyance and impatience.  Today I get to remind myself that  it’s all about the recovery. I am so grateful for second chances. I ™m also grateful for the reminder about  what is really important in good parenting. These kinds of reminders give me hope. Read more on Kids Activities Blog here. 5.  15 TRICKS THAT WILL CHANGE THE WAY YOU USE YOUR FRIDGE Sneak Peek: Kitchen hacks make life so much easier, don’t they? And what do you use most in your kitchen? Your refrigerator, of course. Organizing your fridge goes a long way in saving time and money, but we ™ve found even more fridge hacks that will totally change the way you use your refrigerator. Read more on One Crazy House here. 6.  HOW TO DISCIPLINE A SENSITIVE CHILD Sneak Peek: Our youngest daughter, born in 2012, is very sensitive. To discipline a sensitive child takes thought and patience. We have to be careful not to yell, but to be calm. If we tell her to sit down when she is standing on her chair, the tears will spill. If she isn’t being nice or she says something mean to her brother and we remind her Do not talk that way. It is not nice. ¦ well, you can imagine how upset she would be. Read more on Your Modern Family here.


Sneak Peek: Trying to stay in shape with a small child at home can be tricky. I ™m over here trying to get my squats on, and all my son wants to do is crawl between my feet and/or pants me. And anyone who has a son can attest to the fact that the second you put something down, they will have picked it up and ran away, so using weights is a questionable choice. Either we would end up with busted little toes or a weight through the living room window. No fun for anyone. So I cleared all the Lego duplos off the carpet, and came up with a quick and easy mommy and me workout. Read more on Poise & Purpose. 8.  9 THINGS YOUR KIDS NEED (BUT WON’T TELL YOU) Sneak Peek: Not long after my first son was born, someone came up to me and said something that changed my perspective on parenting. Enjoy every moment. The days are long but the years are short. At the time, I was low on sleep and high on stress, and this wasn’t the time for one-liners. Why couldn’t he offer to babysit for a few hours instead? Read more on For Every Mom. 9.  WHY FIRSTBORNS AND ONLY CHILDREN ARE PERFECTIONISTS Sneak Peek: Firstborns and only children tend to carry a burdensome trait: perfectionism. Even seemingly [lazy and unmotivated firstborns] and poor students are usually discouraged perfectionists who have given up trying because it hurts too much to fail, according to Dr. Kevin Leman, author of The Birth Order Book. Read more on Creative Child here. 10 THINGS TO BUY BEFORE YOU GO TO DISNEY Sneak Peek: We LOVE Disney! We have taken our kids on the Disney Cruise, Disney World, Disney Land, we loved them all! We are not, however, fans of some of the prices of some of the items in the parks. It is no bargain to get into the park and they certainly don’t give you any breaks once you are in! Here are some items that we have found (or wished we would have thought of) to bring with us and have saved us from totally breaking the bank on our Disney vacations!! Read more on Princess Pinky Girl here. If you want more popular parenting posts, check out a few of our latest ones: It’s All About the Recovery Paper Plate Watermelon Suncatchers Good Manners for Kids How Defiant Kids can Actually Be the Best You can find even more posts like this on our Facebook page.

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