You already know that we love to share tips about raising kids, fun activities and our favorite kid-friendly recipes. Last week we started sharing our favorite reads: the best parenting advice from around the web. character building stories We  share many viral posts on our Facebook page, but we are going to gather them here in one place, for easy access. 1.  “My grandmother tells it like this.  My aunt just seemed to cry all the time. Pretty much anything but being rocked by mama set her off. My grandmother, Mema I call her, was sure there was something wrong. She booked an appointment with their doctor and prepared for the worst. The day came for her to go in and, after a thorough examination, the doctor delivered the blow, “She’s got a case of the mommies.” Yes, you heard that right. The baby wanted mommy and anything else wouldn’t do the trick.” Read more here. 2. “I remember walking into the cafeteria of my new school and it was like someone punched me in the stomach. I was in sixth grade. My family had just moved from Virginia to Ohio. At first, I attended the local Catholic school. Within the first two months, I was begging my parents to go to the public school because the girls were so mean. And when I look back, wow, they were cruel. My maiden name is Ackerman.   They’d call me “Lisa Acneman” as sixth grade brought with it oily skin and some breakouts. When my parents discerned that I would change schools, I felt relieved.   I won’t even tell you about the last day at school there when all the girls knew I was leaving. Off to public school I went. But soon I was to find out that it didn’t matter whether I went to parochial or public school….” Read more here. 3.  “Yes, my child chews his clothes.  It drives me crazy.  He chews his shirts, right at the collar, right where it is so obvious that he has been chewing it because it gets tiny holes in it.  I know the reason, so I don’t get upset with him.  I just remind him to stop and have found alternative ideas for him.” Read more here. 4.  “My heart was racing so fast, I thought it might burst from my chest. I stood there on the sidewalk with my two-month-old wrapped against me in a Baby K’tan. My two-and-a-half-year-old was about 100 feet away from me. I didn’t know what to do when your toddler runs away. I had to think fast. My eyes surveyed the situation. I saw three things: road, cars, running toddler. My heart continued to pound against my chest. Thud, thud, thud. Thud, thud, thud. I cupped my hands around my mouth, and yelled as fiercely as I could muster. The panic and fear in my voice was palpable: STOP! RIGHT NOW! STOP!” Read more here. 5.  “She’s standing there under my 3-year-old, arms aloft like she’s at church waiting for God to drop a truth bomb on her. Baby Bear monkey-shimmies 6-foot metal ladder. ‘Do you know whose he is?’ she asks me, almost breathless with terror. ‘He’s mine,’ I say. ‘And he’s been climbing that ladder since he was 2.’ She gawks at me. And then I know I’m doomed: She’s a hoverer. And unless I hover over my kids, she’ll do it for me, not-so-silently judging me all the time. Thanks for ruining my mama playdate, lady…..  Because there are two kinds of parents at the park.” Read more here. 6.  “What I have learned is that what is most important in those 2-3 hours before school is NOT that my kids are dressed appropriately with teeth brushed and hair combed. It is NOT that I fed them a nutritionally sound breakfast. It is NOT even that they arrived to school on time. What matters most is…” Read more here. 7.  “A lot of times kids feel pushed around because everything is decided for them. Get up at this time and eat breakfast, go to school and do this lesson, go to a sports practice and play this way, and of course, go to bed because I said so. Last week I was reading an article about  teaching kids consequences, and one of the tips shared was to let your kids choose the consequence. I thought that was very creative and useful parenting advice. Then a friend suggested I let my child be the boss for a little bit each day. Woah, right? It sounded a little off, but we tried it anyway, and here’s what happened…” Come see these parenting products, you had no idea you needed! Take a break and color in these printable parenting quotes! Read more here. Find more stories like these on our Facebook page.

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