She’s put up with her brother for five years and now she’s done!

Five-year-old Sage reached the end of her young rope when her tormenting older brother threw dirt at her, but luckily she has a plan. She’s going to live with her mom’s friend Jen and keep that house clean as can be. Mom  tries to console, coax, even reason with Sage but this little girl has dug in her heels and it’s the cutest thing ever. “I’m moving on,” she swears. That’s it, she’s done. She’s had it. No more discussion. Will it be tomorrow? No. Probably day after…

I truly feel for you, Sage. As the middle child sandwiched between two brothers I’ve been exactly where you are. I hope you’re able to reconcile, but if not…at least Jen will end up with a clean house. Good luck, Mom, looks like you might need it!

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