BB-8: Hasbro vs. Sphero

This holiday season…or should I say Star Wars season is a big one!

We already have our tickets to the first day of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  We are going to be on vacation 14 hours away, but we planned for what theater would be the most convenient!  I don’t think this much advance planning goes into ANYTHING in my life except for this.

One of the reasons my family can’t wait to see the new Star Wars movie is to be introduced officially to BB-8.  We have been glued to the trailers and already enjoying the BB-8 toys.  In fact, we thought it would be fun to compare the BB-8 Hasbro and Sphero versions!

Hasbro vs. Sphero BB-8

Hasbro BB-8 vs. Sphero BB-8

Both these remote control BB-8 toys were a big hit at our house.  But they are very different.  One is larger, slower and cheaper.  One is smaller, more robust in its movements and more expensive.

Buy the Sphero BB-8 here.  The Hasbro BB-8 is only available  at Target.

We thought this was something you would just have to see to get the full benefit…


Compare BB-8 Remote Control Toys

As you can see, both toys were a lot of fun.  And the vote was split between the Hasbro and Sphero models as to which was better.

BB-8 Review from a 3 Year Old

As if you don’t have enough information, we brought in the big guns and had our resident, Kids Activities Blog 3 year old review the Sphero model:

I hope you will look into which works best for your Star Wars fan (or yourself)!

Enjoy the holidays, see you at the movie and may the force be with you.