This letter is for my children–The 11 Things I want My Kids to Always Know. Kids, I watch your little lives unfolding. I wonder who you will become–what you will accomplish. The many different places you will go fill me with wonder and excitement for your future! I know that your path will look very different from mine, this I know without a doubt, and that’s okay. Through it all, no matter who you end up becoming, I hope these principles will be cemented into your very being. 11 Things I Want My Kids to Always Know

11 Things I Want My Kids to Always Know

11 Things I Want My Kids to Always Know Pray always. God is bigger than you are, bigger than your fears, bigger than your triumphs. Don’t worry. Take it to Him, He’s got it. When you see His hand working in your life, thank Him. Pray. 11 Things I Want My Kids to Always Know Cultivate contentment. It is great to dream, I want you to dream big dreams, to scheme plans that amaze me… But, in the midst of your wants and dreams, don’t forget all the things that you have. Be content, and grateful. 11 Things I Want My Kids to Always Know In all things, be kind. Choose kindness, even in the face of adversity, even when others can not repay you, even when people have hurt you, always return kindness to them. It takes courage, makes you stronger, and eventually will come back to you. You will have many regrets in your life, but kindness will never be one of them. 11 Things I Want My Kids to Always Know Word hard, then work some more! Take pride in your work. Be glad in the successes that you produce, but don’t allow those successes to cause you to think less of those around you. You don’t know what they have been through, or how far they have come. Stay humble. Remember, you have a lot more work left to do. 11 Things I Want My Kids to Always Know Don’t forget to dream. Disappointments will come. Some of them will be big–really big. There will be obstacles that will make you want to give up. Don’t. Hope, always, and fill your mind with plans. Then, work towards your plans. Your dreams will become reality, and then you can dream again! 11 Things I Want My Kids to Always Know Even when you are hurt, forgive. There will be some deep hurts that will come to your life.  Things that you will think you can never overcome – but you can.  Choose to forgive first.  It takes unimaginable strength to forgive.  Don’t give someone control over your thoughts by carrying a grudge.  Not forgiving someone gives them a power over you.  For your sake, even more than theirs, forgive them.  Quickly, fully and first. 11 Things I Want My Kids to Always Know Failure can be a gift. When you make a mistake, own it. Learn from it. Get up and ask yourself what you learned from the experience. Don’t allow a mistake to color your opinion of yourself–give yourself grace. If others make a mistake, show them that same grace. 11 Things I Want My Kids to Always Know Look at the big picture. Before getting upset about something, ask yourself if it will matter when you are 80. When you look back on your entire life, will this issue be important? If yes, than fight for it, and fight hard. But, if it is like the other 99.9% of things in life, let it go. It’s not worth loss of sleep or smiles.11 Things I Want My Kids to Always Know Do the right thing. Always. One day, I will not be behind you. I will just be the voice in the back of your head, asking if you’re making the right choice. Even when I am not there, even when no one is there, do us both proud. 11 Things I Want My Kids to Always Know When you make a mess clean it up. Your dishes, your room, your relationships… When you wrong someone, work to make it right. When you break something, fix it. 11 Things I Want My Kids to Always Know You will always be my child, and you will always be loved! No matter what, no matter where you are, no matter what you have do, no matter who you ultimately become, I love you more than you could ever imagine. I am rooting for you, and will forever be your biggest cheerleader.   Love, Mom

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