Get in bed by the count of 3

When we designed the house in which we now live we had two kids.

We put three bedrooms upstairs, but planned on using one of them as a playroom for our two boys.

Well, it took awhile to design and build the home.   About the same amount of time as it takes to get pregnant with boy number three.


I decided that the third room would continue to be a playroom and we would solve the bed crisis when we came to it.   Once baby number three was born he stayed close to mom and dad on floor number one.   The other two boys occupied bedrooms one and two.

Then the first and second boys decided they wanted to sleep together.

No problem. We purchased bunk beds and they moved into room number two leaving room one open room for boy number three.   Only the top bunk was super scary and neither boy one or two would sleep on bunk bed level two.   They slept together on the lower bunk.

And that is how it went until boy number three grew old enough to realize that he was sleeping alone in his crib and his two brothers were sleeping together in the other room.

So boy number three joined the party. Literally a bedtime party.

We tried forcing boys one and two up to the top bunk, adding one mattress on the floor next to the lower bunk or putting two mattresses on the floor together, but all three wanted to sleep together.   The bed in room one is larger so we moved all three boys to the one room.

Despite sleeping three to a bed, they do pretty well.   We are bedtime enforcers so occasionally one boy gets banished to room two by themselves which is considered cruel solitary confinement.

This system was working well until Rhett(3) started refusing his one daily nap last week.

Over the week he has gotten crankier and crankier and crankier (cranky to the third power)…

Tired three year old boy

It peaked yesterday afternoon around 3 pm.   We were out and he was exhausted, but too tired for rational thought (now I am just cracking myself up by placing the words rational thought in relation to a three year old).

We got into the car at 5.   He fell asleep in 2 minutes flat.

And stayed asleep until 7 am this morning.

After sleeping 14 hours, he smiled.

Wow, I haven’t seen that for seven days.


  1. glad we are not the only ones with crazy bedroom/bedtime stuff.

  2. Nice job of ‘motherhood by the numbers!’ It does get a bit scary when the kids outnumber you! Am preety much comatose after 4! Love your blog!

  3. LOL…

    My girls are 17 months apart and they always insisted on sleeping together. Now they’re all about separate spaces and having their own “stuff.”

    Love the new layout!

  4. I just love that time when the three-year olds decide to quit taking naps. Not! This just goes to show, that the best laid plans… Of course, if you didn’t have the space, then they would DEMAND their own. I like the new layout, now I just have to subscribe, where’s that button…

  5. Getting a third child to keep napping until he’s 3 is an accomplishment–half the time there only nap time is in a moving car.

  6. My grandaughters each have their own room, but are happiest when they are all crowded into their mom and dad’s bed. Mom usually ends up in one of their beds…….

    yes, I remember the bedroom escapades with my two children well…..

  7. As i recall, there was a crib in a pink closet along the way….

  8. My 3 year old is refusing naps for days at a time now too. THE CRANKINESS, LORD HELP ME!

  9. and on the 7th day…
    She rested.

  10. I heard that Chris Farley used to sleep in a car too. Or was it a VAN BY THE RIVER?

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