IMG_2134Thanks to Nicole I discovered “Muffin Tin Mondays”.   My little gal loved yesterday’s assignment.   We took two apples and named the apple parts, learned about fractions, shapes, tastes and textures. … … … … IMG_2129First we took the two apples and cut them in half different ways, one we cut from the stem down, the other we cut horizontally. We identified the stem, the peel, the pulp, the seed pod and the seeds.   Then we discussed fractions as we cut one half in half and then in half again and counted the slices we had.   My little gal ate a slice and we recounted.   I love learning math with preschoolers! . I chopped the untouched half into cubes and we then looked at all the apple pieces (two halves cut horizontally, some slices and a handful of cubed apple) and the other snack “accessories” (unsweetened baking chocolate bits, a handful of pretzels, a diced cheese stick, a smear of peanut butter and some cinnamon and sugar in a jar).   We then tried to identify the shapes that we saw: a circle, triangles, oval, star, squares and rectangles. IMG_2131… OOhhh! the fun part: eating!   As we ate, we discussed what foods were salty, sweet and bitter and we felt the textures:
  • smooth – cheese
  • sticky – our hands after playing with our food
  • hard – the seeds and the chocolate
  • bumpy – the salt on the pretzel
  • creamy – the peanut butter
All in all, we really enjoyed this snack time!   Thank you to Muffin Tin Monday for inspiring our learning adventure of the day! Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup Overfloweth … This activity is part of our learning activity theme. For more activity ideas click the link below: plantsIMG_2125

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