1. Go on a plant hunt in your backyard or in an empty lot.   Identify plants you see.
  2. Play “Find-a-match” and practice sorting plants you find.
  3. Make a bouquet of plants you find
  4. Take a magnifying glass and ID plants and plant parts
  5. Make plant rubbings (leaves are great)
  6. Grow a grass head, or any plant – beans are great as they grow really quickly.
  7. Press flowers and plants
  8. Cut up an apple and identify the various parts that you see.   Enjoy eating a plant! See our post about apple fun!
  9. Decorate flower pots.   Here is an example of decorating a plant pot with your kids art work.
  10. Dissect a flower (where are the roots, the stem, the petals, the pollen, the leaves?)
  11. Pretend or role play being a seed. What happens when it rains? What happens to the plant as the sun moves across the sky?
  12. Using silk or dried flowers/plants, make a collage.   Or better yet, flower hair bows.
  13. Make a food chain for the plant.   What does it need to grow?   what eats plants?
  14. Make a terrarium or mini-ecosystem.   Fill it with plants, what plants would be best in your jar?
  15. Do a “Plant Part” Art project
  16. Create a “Counting Garden” and practice listening skills while counting and “growing” flowers.

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