Change of Season

As a first time mom and someone who wears the same type of clothes all year, I was taken back with the first cold spell of the season. It hadn’t even dawned on me that my child didn’t have any warm clothes or how expensive it would be to clothe him for the cooler weather.

Newborn Baby Clothes

Even shopping consignment shops, Target, and other discount stores it was rapidly becoming a budget breaking task, and I hadn’t even thought of purchasing a winter coat. The next person that tells me that is what Grandparents and Family is for, I am gonna slap.   I am not saying   that they don’t help but it isn’t their child it is mine so it is my responsibility to cloth and feed my child.     I was lucky in the beginning that my cousin had a baby 5 months before me so I got all of his hand me down, that ended when her brother had baby 5 months after me. So the handed me down idea is also out the door.   So now I need fresh ideas on keeping my child warm with out breaking the bank, so all you veteran parents share your budget friendly tips (please).

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  1. Hey! There is an online group called FreePeats where moms can give away their kids old clothes and also request certain sizes or genders of clothes. I think it’s like $5 per year to belong to the group.

    Also I love Texas Thrift… I think their selection is way more organized than Goodwill.

    Also helpful, buying out of season as much as possible. Like, right now try to buy stuff for next summer.

    And, while name brands are nice, at this age they will NEVER wear their clothes out so buying cheaper-quality stuff isn’t as big of a deal. I buy lots of stuff at Walmart, especially since they will get stains on them and ruin the clothes quickly. Once the kids hit kindergarten, the clothes need to be a bit more durable, so that’s when I try to spend a little more to have the clothes really last.

    Hope that helps!
    Mom of 4 kiddos – ages 10, 8, 6, and 2, plus one more coming soon.

  2. Have you signed up for Freecyle? I have received (and given!) so many clothes for my boy!

  3. I have one that might fit him next year – I think it is an 18 month/2T size.

    You could also try There is a DFW area branch, but I know a lot of the girls send stuff back and forth depending on what you might have to swap!

  4. Thanks Ladies, I will check all those options out.

  5. CamParkMommy says:

    I have recently found that craigslist has offered TONS of great deals for kids clothes, much cheaper than consignment shops. There is driving involved, but most people are willing to meet you somewhere public to make the “exchange.” 🙂

    My plan to clothe my two kiddos (my daughter is 2 1/2 and my son is 13 mos) this winter is to sell as much of their clothes as possible to fund their new wardrobe… so far it has really worked. I have only used the cash I got from selling for new purchases, both new and used, and have only driven to pick up items if I was already heading in that general area for some other reason. I just bought a 64 pc lot of boy clothes for my son (obviously…) for $50. He’s done! I have sold so many clothes so far and still have more to sell, hopefully to put in a “fund” (a.k.a. envelope) for spring clothes.

    Good luck to you!

  6. Alexandra Gibson says:

    when buying winter clothes, i always chose wool because i love the feel of it.*:

  7. Stomach Bloating : says:

    am already preparing to get my winter clothes because winter is coming fast again. i could already feel the winter breeze,,~

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