As it neared time for my son to start preschool, I was told  over and over  that when kids start their first year of school they come home sick a lot and even with those warnings  I still wasn’t prepared. Now that we are heading into Kindergarten, I have figured  out  how to keep germs away even before school starts  and that is  with our sponsor  Wet Ones ®. How to keep germs away before school starts As a mom I want what is best for my kids. I want to keep them happy and healthy.  It’s hard seeing our little one’s sick and miserable which is why I try to avoid germs at all costs but it’s nearly impossible to keep them away from everything. One example is when my oldest son and I went shopping at our local Walmart a few days ago. We were on a mission to find last-minute school supplies and snacks. Our first stop was down the crackers isle where we snagged a variety of  Pepperidge Farm ® Goldfish Crackers. Goldfish Crackers at Walmart It was down this isle where my son started saying how he wanted some to snack on  right then and there. My initial reaction was to have him wait until we got home but after realizing how much more shopping we needed to do, I  decided  to let him eat them (which we were planning to pay for anyway). The only problem was, I knew how many germs his little hands had and I was determined to keep him from getting sick before school started in a few days. So I headed down the soap isle, and found the Wet Ones Singles. At $1.98 for a box of 24, I just couldn’t go wrong! Wet Ones at Walmart So there  we were in the middle of Walmart wiping off my son’s hands with a Wet Ones Wipe and giving him some Goldfish to snack on. We made it through the entire shopping trip without any complaints or tantrums (everyone wins here). While he was satisfied with a tasty snack, I was happy knowing he wasn’t going to get sick from the germs surrounding us at the store. If you want to help your little one’s stay germ free before school starts (and even after), check out Wet Ones Wipes. You can find them near the hand soap at your local Walmart. The single packets are perfect for on-the-go and for packing inside your child’s lunchbox. While you are there make sure you also swing by the cracker isle to pick up some delicious Goldfish and get to snacking! Can’t get enough Wet Ones? Enter for  a chance to win a years supply of Wet Ones ® for your home and your child’s classroom, plus  $1,000 cash! This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Wet Ones ® + Pepperidge Farm ® . The opinions and text are all mine. If you want to learn more, check out these books about germs!

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