Kids constantly pick up germs doing the normal things that kids do every day. They have much to learn about the world as they grow and understanding the importance of good hygiene begins with fighting germs at an early age.

Giving kids the understanding of bacteria and viruses allows for them to be less fearful of the unknown and more active in preventing the spread of them.

Usborne's See Inside Germs book cover with fun and colorful illustrations of germs.
Usborne’s See Inside Germs

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Usborne Books has two popular books specifically on germs and their nature; See Inside Germs and Lift-the-Flap Very First Questions and Answers: What are Germs? Both books teach kids about the world of bacteria, viruses, and how to stay safe.

See Inside Germs Book

Usborne’s See Inside Germs is aimed towards older kids, ages 7 and up. With this book, kids can look at germs under a microscope in the fun illustrations and active flaps. They can learn how germs make us sick, how our body can fight them off, and how they can also be useful to us. This book is very educational, while still remaining fun and light-hearted for easy learning.

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Usborne's Lift-the-Flap Very First Questions and Answers: What are Germs? book cover with colorful illustration of kids washing hands.
Usborne’s Lift-the-Flap Very First Questions and Answers: What are Germs?

Lift-the-Flap Very First Questions and Answers: What are Germs?

The second book from Usborne, Lift-the-Flap Very First Questions and Answers: What are Germs?, is aimed towards younger kids around 2 and up. This is another flap book, which kids can use to interact with the reading. The images are fun, simple, and colorful to keep kids entertained. The book teaches little ones about germs, where they live, and how they spread in an easy manner. By the end, they’ll be excited to keep up with washing their hands!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Germs

What are 4 major types of germs?

Most people have heard of viruses and bacteria, but fungi and protozoa that make us sick are also categories of germs.

How do we see germs?

Germs are microorganisms, which means that we have to use a microscope to see them.

How many germs on your hands?

Millions of germs of all kinds are on our hands even though we can’t see them. This is why good hygiene including frequent hand washing is so important to kill all those germs!

How do germs enter the body?

There are many ways germs enter the body. They can get in through our nose, mouth and eyes. Germs can also get in through our private parts (genitals), and of course they can get in anywhere on our skin where it’s open like a cut or a scrape.

Discover More Books on Staying Healthy

Usborne's Time to Brush book cover with fun illustration of animals brushing their teeth.
Usborne’s Time to Brush

1. Time to Brush

Teach your kids the healthy habit of brushing their teeth with this fun book. Young readers will love matching the five toothbrushes to the five friends and helping them brush their teeth clean, clean, clean! Includes five reusable and repositionable stickers.

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Usborne's Little Bear Needs Glasses book cover with fun illustrations of animals wearing glasses.
Usborne’s Little Bear Needs Glasses

2. Little Bear Needs Glasses

Little Bear can’t see very clearly, and his friends are worried! Dog, Mouse, Pig and Cow all offer their glasses, but they’re not quite right. Little Bear still can’t see very well! He needs glasses of his very own! Little readers will love helping Little Bear pick out the pair that are “just right” for him using the 5 repositionable, reusable stickers.

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Usborne's The Human Body book cover with fun illustrations of kids learning.
Usborne’s The Human Body

3. The Human Body

Discover the secrets of the human body with the newest, beautiful, educational, and fun title in the Shine-A-Light series. Hold a light behind the pages to see muscles flex, watch as food travels through the digestive system, and take a peek at the skeleton holding you upright.

Buy: The Human Body

More Ways to Learn About Germs

Have you read these books about germs for kids? What did your kids think?

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