IMG_2099We created this morning’s snack into a matching game and a brief activity about patterns.   We had a variety of snacks and my kids loved getting to eat their “school” activity! What you need:
  • egg carton
  • mini-muffin liners
  • a variety of snacks (at least 5-6)
… We filled the various sections with grapes, cheese, cheerios, goldfish, pepperoni, chocolate, dried fruit and cereal.   I made sure that there were matches of all but two sections.   Then when one child would pick a section to eat the other child would have to find the “matching” section and eat it.   They took turns until almost all of the matches were eaten.   With the left over sections (goldfish, cheerios & fruit) we decided to create patterns.   I demonstrated the first pattern, after that the kids enjoyed making their own pattern and filling the sections with the “right” foods. IMG_2113IMG_2117 … … … … … … This post is a variation to an earlier post by Erin, Matching and Sorting with Nature.   Thanks Erin for the inspiration. For more ideas, check out Muffin Tin Mondays.   Lots of moms have posted creative ways to incorporate “muffins” into your day! Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup Overfloweth

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  1. hey! thanks for adding this to the Muffin Tin Meals Flickr pool! I love it when moms share on there. we have a whole group of peeps that just check that pool and not the blog carnival!

    so, thanks!