nature color matchThis activity is appropriate for a wide variety of ages and offers lots of opportunity for learning.You’ll need: tray of some sort (ice cube tray, baby food freezer tray, egg carton, muffin tin etc) colored paper. Put a small piece of colored paper in each section of the container.   Make sure that colors match things that your child will be able to find outside.     Children then get to hunt for various colored things to match. Learning opportunities:
  • if you include multiple shades of the same color in your activity you can talk about darker and lighter.
  • re-enforce color recognition
  • talk about the things that your child is finding.   This can be as complicated or a simple as is appropriate for your child.
  • Once we brought our tray inside we sorted it   into categories (stones, flowers, leaves and ‘other’ were the natural ones for us, but you could do living/non living etc).
  • The same matching activity could be done indoors, but this provides less science learning opportunities.
  • I plan to press the flowers and; a few extras to use sometime in the future.
Hope you and yours will enjoy a nature hunt this week!

This activity is part of our learning activity theme.

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  1. I think it is a great idea to play garden games with kids. It helps them learn about gardening and sends the message that gardening can be fun!

    I loved your creative ideas here and can’t wait to play some of these games with my grandson.

    It seems like you could also incorporate teaching younger children about colors with this game as well!

  2. great sorting! we love nature sorting better then any other sorting activity!

    thanks for linking up

  3. That’s a cute idea. My 3-year-old will love that….if it ever stops raining long enough for us to go outside! We are getting soggy down here in the South.