As wives, daughters, and friends we care deeply for the men in our lives and their health is just as important as our own.  Here at Kids Activities Blog  we are very excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Today’s Mama and Polaris to bring you  a $2000 prize for one lucky person and a +1.  Who's the +1? It could be your husband, your dad, your brother, your father-in-law, a friend.  The key is that they are a man  you know and love and want to keep around for a long time.  Help them learn more about prostate cancer screening and get the chance to win big! $1000 for you + $1000 for him + better health = Winning Combination. help the man you love

Prostate Cancer Affects Us All

Prolaris+Infographic Over 240,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year. The American Cancer Society estimates that about 1 in 6 American men will receive a diagnosis of prostate cancer in their lifetime and more than 2.5 million men in the United States count themselves as prostate cancer survivors.  Prolaris  wants more survivors and better treatment. Prolaris  is a genetic test for prostate cancer that  combines traditional risk factors with a molecular assessment of the aggressiveness of an individual patient's cancer. Prolaris provides unique information about a patient's cancer and can help doctors and patients make the most informed  treatment decisions. We know that women are at the helm of their families health and we want to provide a little more incentive for families to take the time to learn more about prostate cancer and the treatment options.

How to Enter to Win $2000

TM_Prolaris_Insta_3 Knowledge is power and we want to spread some around. Sign you and your loved one up for a series of 3 emails that will empower you with what you need to know about prostate cancer. Each unique email address submitted is considered an entry and eligible to win. Myriad-Prolaris-Horizontal-Logo-highRes This post and amazing contest are  sponsored by Prolaris and Myriad Genetics.  Thank you so much for supporting the brands that make this blog possible.

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