If you have an active child, you know how hard story time can be. This list of  10 books for kids who can’t sit still will help!

books for kids who cant sit still

Other than letting your children run around and play while you read to them, story time might not happen very often for parents with active children. Especially when you have toddlers who’ve just learned to walk.

You’ll be amazed when those legs come to rest to read one these 15 books!

Books for Active Kids

These books will captivate the most active children! Even so, if you can’t get them to sit for more than 5 minutes, short bursts throughout the day is all you need to do to establish a love for reading in your child.

1. That’s Not My…

In this touchy-feely series, children hunt for the thing that is theirs. With different textures on every page, children will love figuring out which one is theirs!

not my puppy book for active kids

2. The Big Book of Big…

Everything is bigger in this educational series! Children are captivated by the big fold out pages and illustrations of their favorite things, like trains, dinosaurs, tractors, sea creatures, and more!

big books for active kids

3. 1001 Things to Spot

3 fiddles, 4 barrels rolling, 9 plates of pirate cakes, in this seek and find series your children will hunt for their favorite things.  Read it with them and ask them what they can see.

1001 things to spot

4. Look & Find Puzzles

This is another great seek and find series with lots of questions that exercise your child’s critical thinking skills! Children LOVE the bright colorful images and figuring out the hidden features within the pages.

Seek and find books for kids that can’t sit still

5. Wind-up Books

A book that comes with a wind-up toy! Every child’s dream book and it’s the most unique you’ll ever see.

Books for Kids Who Can’t Sit Still

6. Sticker Books

There’s something to do on every page and these sticker books are award winning! They are great to read even after your child has used up all the stickers.

airport for active kids

7. Music Books

You might shy away from books for kids that make noise. However, these books are a dream for children who can’t sit still! Music books from Usborne have delightful tunes that aren’t annoying, so you’ll enjoy reading them too.

Music Books for kids who can’t sit still

8. Shine-a-light Books

There’s a secret on every page! Shine-a-light books teach children about different environments and engage them with the use of a flash light. Shine a light behind the page and it will reveal a secret image.

9.  See Inside Books

Your active children will want to look behind every single flap and these books have plenty of them!

see inside books for active children

More Books for Active Kids

10. Jigsaw Puzzles & Matching Book

Choose from all different sizes of jigsaw puzzle book sets! Build the puzzle and read the book while you do or read the book first and then build the puzzle as a reward! These beautiful jigsaw puzzles and matching books feature several different topics to interest any young learner.

jigsaw puzzles & matching books for kids who can’t sit still

11. 50 Science Things to M

ake and Do

Your active child doesn’t have to sit still for this one. You can read while they are creating and learning at the same time. Check out more activity books like this  here.

things to make and do book

12. Read-a-long Audio Books

Some of the best storybook apps on the market, these digital books include animations, games, sounds and more! Legs will be stationary for a lot longer than 5 minutes with these.

Read-a-long audio books for kids who can’t sit still

13. Hands On Activities with Books!

Mazes, seek and find, dot-to-dot, doodling, patterns; there are tons of things to do in these themed activity packs. Great for the card or when you want some extra quiet time.

hands on activities with books for kids who can’t sit still

14. Coloring Books

Most people pass over coloring books as actual books, but a lot of them have text in them. These beautiful coloring books have lots of different drawing and coloring prompts to keep your child busy! There are lots more coloring books with different information on what you are coloring and more fun ways to get better at art.

coloring books for kids who can’t sit still

15. Books with Read-a-long CD

Your little one won’t sit still when you read, but what if someone else reads to them? Books with a CD are a great solution because of the text’s sound effects and dramatic reading.

bible for kids who can't sit still

Story time is so important for young children. I hope these book help you read with your active child!

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