Are your little ones  learning to count? We have some fun and bright tracing sheets  for them to work on as they learn about writing the numbers one through ten.

learning to count

Kids can work through two numbers per sheet of paper (print them here).

They can spend time tracing the number itself as well as the spelling of each number. We were really excited that these sheets combined both the number itself and the spelling of it using letters. Showing kids in a tangible way how those things go together.

In addition to lines for tracing, there are extra lines for them to practice writing the numbers without the guide of the dotted lines to help.

The best part is you can print out lots of  copies to keep all the kids entertained and learning at one time. You can also print out several of just one page, until they master the first few numbers. The print outs are free so you can snag as many as you’d like, whenever you’d want them.

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