We all have our little helpers when we go shopping with kids, sometimes they are more helpful than others, which is why we’re so excited to share this fun idea to keep those kiddos busy while you shop. shopping-list

Shopping With Kids {Little Helper List Idea}

Instead of the kids running wild through the store or asking for the hundredth time if they can pick out a snack, give them the VERY important job of holding on to the list for you. Using crayons or pencils they can slowly mark off each item as you walk through the store together. We’ve made a pre-made shopping list for you to get you started! All you have to do is print it out and then head off to the store with the little ones. On our list, we included all of the essentials, like milk, bread, produce and bacon. If you won’t be buying all of these items while shopping with kids, you can instead have the kids use it as a search and find game! They can check off the items on the list as you pass them in the store, making sure the grocery store’s inventory is up to scratch. How do you keep the kids busy and entertained while grocery shopping? Would your kids love these kid-size shopping lists as much as ours do? 

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