Cloth Diapers: Learning the Lingo – An Appendix of Terms

Cloth diapers are economical and baby-bum friendly, but they’re not always easy to figure out. That’s why we’ve put together this cloth diapering series, to take away the guesswork.

Cloth Diapers: Learning the Lingo - An Appendix of Terms

Cloth Diapering – An Appendix of Terms

You may have heard some of these abbreviations and terms floating around the internet before and wondered what the heck they meant. (Confession: sometimes us cloth-diapering mamas forget that not everybody is a cloth expert!) So, here you go, I’ll explain.

CD – Cloth Diaper

Cover  – Waterproof outer shell

Insert  – Absorbent, [usually] multi-layer fabric that goes inside the  cover

Hook & Loop  – Generic term for Velcro (aka aplix).

Pocket Diaper – Diaper-shaped, waterproof shell sewn to a fabric inner with one edge left open, creating a pocket, which can then be stuffed with one or more cloth inserts

OS – One-size diaper that will adjust to fit baby as he/she grows with the use of snaps at varying levels

AIO – All-In-One – Waterproof shell and absorbent insert sewn together as one

AI2 – Al-in-Two –  Similar to AIO, but with two pieces instead of one

Hybrid  – Separate waterproof cover and absorbent insert, sometimes with snaps or velcro to attach the two “allows for multiple uses of cover before washing

Flat  –  A single-layer square of fabric that can be folded in several ways to adjust absorbency and fit

PF – Prefold diapers – three-sectioned flats with more layers in the middle section for increased absorbency

Fitted  – Absorbent  cloth base with leg gussets and tabs sewn in,  but still requires a waterproof cover

MF – Microfiber, a type of polyester fabric commonly used in inserts

PUL – Polyurethane laminate, a common fabric for waterproof covers

Stash –  A collection of cloth diapers

Strip/Stripping – Process of removing detergent or other buildup in the fibers of cloth diapers

Nappy – European word for diaper

Sposies – Disposable diapers

Cloth Diapers: Learning the Lingo - An Appendix of Terms

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