Sugar and spice and all things nice ¦ well, almost ¦  there are a few things no one tells you about being a mom.  In a world where everyone gives you mom advice, they tend to leave a few things out, don’t they? 15 things no one tells you about being a mom 1

15 Things no one told you about being a mom

1.  All of a sudden, you know more about what is happening on  Sesame  Street than you do about Wall Street. 2- Your account on Netflix goes from ‘Recently Watched’ shows like Desperate Housewives and Modern Family to Curious George and Leapfrog Shapes Farm. 3.  Your beautifully decorated guest room with a guest bed to suite a king, will become a room filled with toy boxes, stuffed animals and a wall-bed that is pulled down when company arrives. 4. You will save your best snacks to eat  AFTER your kids go to bed.  (Sometimes, we just don’t want to share.) 5. You will be woken up for the rest of your life- first- to feed your baby ¦ Next- to get your toddler a glass of water at 2 am.  Then- when your preschooler wakes up at night to use the potty.   (Maybe when they are teenagers we will get some rest!) 6. You will do more laundry in a day than you did in a week before you had kids. 7.  You will learn to eat three times as fast and if you are out to eat, you speed it up a bit more! 15 things no one tells you about being a mom .. 8. You say things that you will never actually do ¦     “If you don’t stop arguing, I’m going to cancel that trip to Disney tomorrow.  We will just stay home.” 9.  You will buy your kids more bath tub toys and bath tub crayons than they can fit in that adorable little bath-tub-toy-bin, but you will feel bad spending $5 on that awesome-smelling-shampoo for yourself. 10. It takes you longer to get ready to go out than it actually does to be out. 11. You will find yourself watching kid shows ¦ even when your kids aren’t around. 12.  You will love your child more than you could ever imagine loving anyone! 13.  You will have a love-hate relationship with your post-baby body. 14.  Sleep deprivation will cause you to be crabby ¦ and then you will lay in bed for an hour thinking about how you feel awful that you were crabby (hence; causing more sleep deprivation) 15.  You will give your child more hugs than they can stand (after all, kids  need 17 hugs a day!) Unforeseen and special moments happen every day–  so just dive right in and enjoy the ride, Mama!

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