{Easy} Sinus Congestion Relief

Sinus congestion relief.

It seems like every winter congestion is something that passes through our home a couple of times. Snotty noses are no fun – thankfully we have some health tips and hacks that can help our kids feel better.

I found a solution!!

It does not get rid of the stopped up feeling forever, but it does bring temporary relief – and boy, when you’re not feeling well, relief even in small doses, is terrific – especially if it comes med-free.

diy congestion solutions

Home Remedy for Sinus Infection

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Start with Lymph massage

{Easy} Sinus Congestion Relief

1.  Have your child drink a glass of warm tea. The warmth will help loosen the mucus in their  throat. The liquid and hydration and increased fluid will help them feel better when they are sick with a cold.

2.  Give your child a lymph system massage. Start by tapping the bottom of your kiddos neck, and then move to their throat. Massage from the top of the back of her ears, down along the jawline with small circles. If your kids are like mine they will LOVE this and beg for it whenever they are not feeling well.

3.  Add a drop or so of essential oils as you massage their neck. The oils are great for supporting the body’s natural defenses. Choose an aromatic oil or blend that is pleasing to your child. Consider making a roll-on blend where you add a drop or two of essential oil, to half a teaspoon of a carrier oil.  You can use the oils on your child’s neck but we suggest avoiding their face as kids tend to rub their hands all over their faces when they are sick, and oils can sting the eyes.

4. The last step in the lymph massage is to work on the sinus cavities in your child’s face. Start at the bridge of their nose and move along their cheekbones and then up over their eyebrows. We gently tap. Your child should be swallowing a lot and possibly have a drippy nose when this is over. If they are feeling pressure over their eyebrows you can add an additional step of having your child press really hard between their  eyebrows.

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Med-Free Congestion Solution.

Don’t forget to have your child keep drinking.

The Lymph massage opens up the drainage system.  But most likely, your kiddo still has a clogged up nose.  Time for step #2…


stuffy nose trick

More {Easy} Sinus Congestion Relief

5.  Have your kiddo sit up as straight as they can, blow out of their nose as much as they can, until they have no air left to blow out.

6.  Then, before they breathe in, have them pinch their nose and nod as fast and hard as they can and as long as they can until they need to gasp for air. With less air in their sinuses they created a vacuum, and the movement helps the trapped fluids in the sinus cavity get moving – hopefully to the “drain”.  When your child “gasps” have them breathe in through their nose.

Drink some more. You can repeat the steps a couple of times. Your kiddo should be able to breathe out of their nose again when this is over!

Help Keep the Sinuses Clear.

You can make a congestion rub – aka homemade vapor rub. It will help your child feel better while they recuperate. Check out the easy-make-it-yourself recipe.

Congestion home remedy recipe

Humidifiers (affiliate link) also help keep the sinus passages lubricated and moist, they help kids breathe more easily when they have a cold.

Consider adding a cold-air diffuser and have it running in the room where your sick child is spending most of their time that day. It can help support your child’s sinuses and lymph systems. We like to add a couple of drops of essential oils to the diffuser.

Want to read more about how to survive with sick kids? We have lots of tips for wellness when your kids are sick, over here.

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