These Free Printable Creative Adventure Dice are the perfect way to spark your imagination. Story dice are fun for the whole family, this activity is a great way to bring story time alive!

Plus, it is one of our many great learning activities that help kids want to read. Reading games for kids is so important to help children not only love reading, but work on their vocabulary and reading comprehension as well.

Free Printable Creative Adventure Dice with pictures of owls, cars, clocks, and a hat.
Begin your adventure with these awesome printable story dice!

Free Printable Creative Adventure Dice

Here’s a fun game filled with excitement, adventure, and creative writing?

YES! “Adventure Dice” gives you all that and lots more. With several ways to play, your family (or classroom!) will be embarking on an adventure limited only by your collective imaginations.

What Are Story Dice?

Roll the big picture dice and start creating a story of adventure and discovery, guided by the pictures you roll. It’s that simple! The pictures help you create the big picture or the overall arc of the story, however, you get to fill in the smaller details to make your story come to life!

An example would be like the pictures below:

We drove to the campsite in the green jeep with all our camping gear in the back. My dad had a big surprise for me tomorrow.

By the time we got to camp, put up our tent, and got all our equipment out, it was nearly dark. So my dad started a campfire.

He put stones around it to keep the fire contained so we didn’t accidently start a big fire. I could hear the owls in the distant. They kept saying, “Who, who, who.”

I asked my dad what the surprise was tomorrow. He told me tomorrow we would go to the clearing to meet Uncle Bobby who was going to take us for a ride in a hot air balloon! How exciting!

Free Story Dice Printables and More!

Intrigued? Here’s what you get in this free kids printable!

  • 4 unique printable story dice (just print on card stock, fold, glue and play!)
  • 4 coordinating papers for writing your story down (if you choose to)
  • Instructions for several different ways to play
Free Printable Creative Adventure Dice and everything it includes like the 4 printable picture story dice and 4 coordinating papers to write your story down on
You can even write down your story to share with friends and family!

Get Your Set of Adventure Dice!

Are you ready to print and play this fun game?

I hope you enjoy these Free Printable Creative Adventure Dice from Little Learning Lovies and Kids Activities Blog!

More Reading Fun

If you enjoyed these free printable story dice, then maybe you’ll also like this story cube game too!

All these games will have your child interested in reading in no time! Once they are interested in reading, they can keep up with everything they read with this LEGO inspired reading tracker.

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