Textured letters CraftI have been drooling over the anthropologie-style wall letters (like these at Tip Junkie) and Elmers & Xacto gave me the perfect opportunity to make my own set with an Elmer’s Summer Craft Party!   They sent me a big box of goodies including foam boards, glue sticks, glue dots, markers and more!   They also sent us these adorable burlap canvas bags – my inspiration for our project.   The Quirky kids and I invited another family over for a total of seven kids to have a great crafting time.


We love the finished product of our wall-art.   Thank you Elmers !   And you, my beloved reader, have the chance to have your very own Elmer’s Craft Party too!     Giveaway details below.Oversized Textured Wall Letters


We used Elmer’s Mini Bi-Fold Foam Boards.   These boards are the perfect size.   Each foam board makes 2 – 12″ tall, 9″ wide letters.     I made our letters a bit more narrow as I wanted a “taller” look.   Trace the font of your choice onto the boards and carefully cut out the letters with a razor blade (obviously, the kids did not “help” in this phase).     making giant Textured letters


Can you imagine a glue stick that can glue burlap to paper?   And be strong enough that kids can fuss with it?   I was very impressed with the Elmer’s Craft Bond Glue sticks!   They are powerful stuff!   Oversized Textured Wall LettersAdd a dag of glue stick or one of the glue dots and wrap your letters in textiles.   We cut tissue paper into strips, added scraps of yarn, glitter, and of course burlap strips from our Elmer’s gift bags – it’s brilliant orange fits the color scheme of our playroom perfectly!.making giant Textured letters

Half the fun was trying to figure out how to “wrap” the yarn and the scraps.   One of the kids had more fun knotting the yarn – and another had fun gluing her fingers and feeling how they stuck together.

Oversized Textured Wall Letters

Personally, I loved (yes, pun intended) the finished product.

Oversized Textured Wall Letters


Want to win some nifty Elmers supplies to have your own craft day?  

Note: We have a winner!!!  

My kids and some of their friends (Thanks, Laugh with us Blog) have voted!   They want to make fairy houses!   Jennifer Radtke is our winner!   I will contact her shortly and arrange for Elmers to send her some supplies.


Leave us a comment and tell us what you would make with Elmers Giftsome of these Elmer craft supplies.   Winner will not be chosen randomly.   A kiddo will pick the craft they think is the most creative (or that they want to do next).   Check out their site for lots of ideas!   You may not be related to any of QM’s writers/editors or the child doing the “picking” to win (sorry, Mom).   You   must be a US resident to win.


Thanks bunches Elmers for making our day and sponsoring QM – the kids, myself and our guests enjoyed the supplies and the gift card.   You made our day!

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  1. My littles have been very interested in making a family tree for our ‘school’ wall ~ this would be perfect for that! =)

  2. I would use these supplies for countless fun art and craft projects in the preschool class I teach. The first one would be a community collage Where all of the children get to participate in beautiful collage as our first activity as a new classroom community. They will all glue on found objects and old things. Then as a group we will paint it all shiny and colorful. It Will hang in the classroom all year as a reminder to us about all being integral parts of a great community.
    We will share pictures of it in its glorious completion of course.

  3. I just learned how to make stars with one and cut and I would love to make stars with the boards (that glow in the dark) for my sons’ room. I want to make planets too using that balloon wrap the string/yarn method. I think he would live it!

  4. With school about to start, I would suggest we make customized message/bulletin boards for notes and artwork. But, knowing my boys, they would probably end up making buildings, airplanes or treasure boxes.

  5. Wow! That looks like fun! I’d love to have these for school supplies. My daughter starts kindergarten this year.

  6. We could really use all of those art supplies! Hmmm! What would we make? My girls really love scrapbooks and journals, so I think we would use cereal boxes and the Elmers supplies and make our own creative books.

  7. My little girl and I would love to use these supplies to make a pasta and dried beans collage! first we will draw out a basic flower garden scene with some bugs and a path and then fill out with varied pasta, beans shapes. or maybe a fun seaside theme collage with some coconut trees, a tranquil sea, seagulls, sand etc depicted with wool / paper/ cloth scraps from past projects. the possibilities are endless!!