18 Fun Ideas For Perler Bead Crafting

Today we are sharing the best perler bead ideas around!  From perler bead crafts to things to make with perler beads, we have the ideas that kids will want to make at home.

Perler bead crafts for kids are just plain awesome! The humble Perler Bead, Hama Bead or Melty Bead or whatever you want to call them… just wonderfully fuse together to make all sorts of creations.

18 fun ideas for Perler bead crafting - best perler bead projects - 7 pictured here from bracelets to buttons to a kaleidoscope
Which fun perler bead craft will you try first?

I’ve gathered my favorite perler bead projects, the best of the web, for you right here.

Best Perler Bead Ideas

The first 7 favorite perler bead crafts are pictured above.  Each are super fun things to make with perler beads that I can’t wait to try.

Melty Bead Bookmarks

And of course when reading chapter books you will need bookmarks, right? see the gorgeous kid-friendly designs on BabbleDabbleDo

Perler Bead Buttons

Add a pop of color to an old cardigan with perler bead buttons. Extra big DIY buttons for little hands!  see how to make on MakerMama

Easy Rainbow Loom Bracelet with Perler Beads

Check out this video tutorial for making Rainbow Loom Bracelets with Perler Beads – very easy to make for beginners and seasoned rainbow loomers!! via dabblesandbabbles

Perler Bead Coasters

Love them! Making them! follow the cuteness over to LoveFromGinger

Mini DIY Bead Kaleidoscopes

Just look at what you can make with some toilet roll tubes and peeler beads! just awesome from BabbleDabbleDo

Make a Perler Bead Bowl

This Perler Bead Bowl craft is such a gorgeous bead craft for girls, how pretty! see how to make right here on Kids Activities Blog

Kids Bike License Plates from Melty Beads

Aren’t these fun!! Kids will revel in the opportunity to design and personalize their own bike plates with Willow Day

Even More Fun Perler Bead Crafts…

best perler bead crafts - 4 pictured including two bracelets, spinners and art
OOO! Let’s make a perler bead top!

Hama Bead Bracelets

Deliciously attractive – a fun accessory for big and little girls alike, and you can make them in any color combination to suit your mood. By MakerMama on DIYCandy

DIY Spinning Toys

So colourful, so easy to make, for hours of spinning fun via BabbleDabbleDo

DIY Gift Tags

Super cute robots, balloons, bows, whatever diy decoration you would like to add to gifts for special friends, anytime of year. See the magic on CurlyBirds

Make Pi Day Bracelets!

A great way to combine math, art, and crafting! beads are strung according to Pi’s digits. Cool right? Follow along with PinkStripeySocks & check our her stretchy perler bead fruit bracelets too! 

perler bead crafts you don't want to miss - 4 pictured including a maze, frame and necklace charm
So many fun perler bead ideas, so little time!

Like this Perler Bead Mazes

kids will really enjoy both designing their toy and using it. see how to make BabbleDabbleDo

Perler Picture Frame For Kids

Make your own picture frames for you and your best friends using Perler beads! You can make gifts for all your friends and family featuring your favorite photos. see how to make on CraftsUnleashed

Perler Bead Monogram Necklaces

Invite your children to create some 80’s necklaces and initial pendants – see how to make on   I Try DIY

2 more perler bead crafts - bracelet and diy framed game
So much perler bead crafty fun!

Melted Bead Bracelets

These melded peeler bead bracelets look so good they could be store bought! so pretty via craftandcreativity

Melty Bead Puzzles

How clever! functional pentominoes puzzle out of these colorful little melty beads via rachelswartley

DIY Abacus With Melty Beads

Lots of opportunities for learning and development as well as being a lovely project to make together. via lalymom

Fusible Bead Decorations

Perfect for Easter, Halloween, Christmas or time during the year – depending on what cute cookie cutters you have. via picklebums

Perler Bead Projects for Kids of All ages - Kids activities Blog
Don’t spill the beads!

More Bead Fun for Kids

Which perler bead project did you choose first?

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