We took the family on a great 5 day vacation this past week, and since we were on a cruise ship we had decided to “unplug” for the week.

No cell phones.

No email checking.

No FaceBook updates


Nada. Zip. Cold Turkey.

First, I know I have a problem. I am way too dependent on being connected. I worried about my FB friend Amy from college who is pregnant with #7 and on bedrest at 34 weeks. Would she have her baby while I was gone? I worried about my friend Sandi in California who is adopting baby #15 who is due in a few weeks. Would Baby arrive while I was gone and I would miss the announcement?

To my utter amazement…the world did not stop! I survived without any contact to my internet/email life line.

And to my pathetic credit, as soon as we were about 45 minutes away from the Port of Galveston (our arrival port), I could get that dang “ROAMING” icon to go away on my phone & I had FIVE BARS and could check me email!

Cell Bars FEAT

So what did I find?

First, nobody had any babies or emergencies while we were gone and the world did continue to function without us checking in.

And second…I had over 500 emails, most of which were just JUNK! Junk I had signed up for at one point or another…newsletters, thoughts of the day, Yahoo groups, message boards, promotions, advertisements, you name it. Emails that I delete on a regular basis at home. Information that I don’t even read.

Stop Junk Emails

Which got me to thinking…there had to be a way to unsubscribe to all these emails from Caress Bodywash and Pampers and Mazda and on and on. Sure enough, at the bottom of every.single.email was a little place to click “unsubscribe” and I was informed that I would no longer be getting that email.

Really? That easy?

We do most of our shopping online, I find freebies online which I freely give out my email for, so I know how my email gets out there. It’s good to know, now, that I can make it go away! And in September, when we are gone for 7 days, I will try to do better at unplugging from the internet.

And hopefully I will come home to less than 500 emails!

Check this out: Texasholly has a comical post on this topic that most of us can all relate too. Head over and see her post on  Spam Quality Control.

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  1. Hi there,

    Your blog is very interesting but I can’t keep up with the amount of notifications I am receiving every day as my life has got a lot busier with work.

    Can you please cancel the notifications of your blog posts to me for the moment and if things change I can return to it.

    Kind regards,