A great indoor fort  can be the best.

Whether you’re stuck inside during the winter or you need something to entertain the kids for the afternoon, an indoor fort can be a lifesaver.  That’s why we came up with this holiday fort that is perfect way to play inside.  Need some time to wrap gifts?  The fort has you covered…


Because we made our fort with our  wrapping paper.

It was such a quick way to make a fort.   No sewing, no slipping, no getting a table cloth or blanket dirty….instead, we used paper to transform our table  into a  great play space!

Materials for  an Indoor Fort

  • Kids table <—affiliate link to our favorite table
  • Wrapping paper
  • Tape
  • Bows, ribbon, etc. to decorate the fort  (optional)

How to Make an Indoor Fort

First, we wrapped our paper around the table.  I made a mark on the paper  for  each leg of the table.  You can tape as you go, but I found that this process took a little experimenting.

When the entire table was wrapped and taped.  We cut one side into over a dozen long strips for the doorway.  You could do this to another wall to make a tunnel, too.

And, that’s it!  Just some wrapping paper and tape made a quick and easy play space for my kids.  Add bows, lights, and ribbon to really make this fort over the top.


While the house is easily ripped, my kids loved getting to fix their house with tape.  But, we knew if it got too damaged, we could easily make a new one.

We plan to turn this into a  birthday fort by changing the wrapping paper – what a fun birthday tradition!

Be sure to check out our list of indoor play spaces for more ideas. Or for some more indoor exercise, here are 22 ideas for a fun diy obstacle course for kids!

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