Drawing with nature is the perfect fall activity for preschoolers.  Let’s do this fun preschool fall art project with things we find outside!

Fall Activity Drawing with Nature

Fall Activity for Preschoolers

You can, of course, snap a photo of your masterpiece but otherwise your drawing is as fleeting as the season that inspired it.

I am always looking for new ways to craft with natural materials and fall seems to be brimming with wonderful supplies. This simple activity is a great way to get outdoors and flex those creative muscles.  

And for a mama with no more room on the fridge or mantle, I love that this is an activity and not a craft, in other words, the creations aren’t permanent.

Simply collect, create, and return the materials back to nature when you’re finished.  

To Draw with Fall Nature You’ll Need

  • A white piece of foam core, poster board, or heavy weight paper
  • Items collected from nature such as fall leaves, acorns, sticks, flowers
  • Optional: a camera
how to draw with nature

How to Create Fall Nature Drawings

Gather all of your natural materials and place your white board on a flat surface.  

Note: Be sure it’s weltered from the wind our your creations will blow away while you’re drawing!

Start placing items on the white board to create an image. We found faces people/creatures easiest but let your imagination run wild!  

If your child needs helped finding inspiration have them look at the objects in terms of shapes. Acorn caps are round and make good eyes. Sticks can be used to draw lines or as limbs.  

You can also draw more abstract things such as mandalas. Or literal things, such add a tree with falling leaves.

When you are finished creating something, snap a picture and then clear off your board and start all over again.

I hope that you and your children enjoy this fall activity as much as we did!

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