DIY Creative sibling gift with free kids printable

Our kids love to think of  a creative DIY sibling gift for one another.  They love to make gifts for each other buy little gifts at the dollar store or spend their quarter at the school gift shop, buying things that they think will be “just perfect” for their brother or sister.

DIY sibling gift

Sibling Gift Certificate Printable

This year, your child will be giving the gift of service to their sibling ¦ doing a  chore  for them or letting them pick their own special gift!   You can print off a gift certificate and let your child think of how they want to use it for their siblings.   Use paint, glitter, markers, stickers and some fun ideas to let this gift be exactly what your kids want to give.


Gift Ideas  (what they will be writing on their gift certificates)

  • I will clean your room
  • I will clear your dinner plate
  • Let me unload the dishwasher for you
  • I am going to read you a book
  • I want to make your bed
  • I am going to eat all of your vegetables one night at dinner so that you don't have to, but you still get a snack (This is a favorite!)  
  • You get to pick  what movie we watch for movie night or which game is picked for Family Game Night.
  • Do your chore for youcreative sibling gift idea Free Printable

Click here to download the Creative Sibling Gift Idea Free Printable from Kids Activities Blog

More fun DIY ideas:

Thank you for teaching your kids that the sweetest gift that they can give is a gift from the heart!    DIY sibling gifts can be the best kind! Thank you for sharing this!

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