I don’t know exactly how it got started this morning, but Ryan was teasing me that I couldn’t remember his name. because i named you{Likely this will NEVER be the case because it is often the name I yell.} He continued to argue that he didn’t believe that I would not ever forget his name. How do you know you will never forget my name? Because I named you. Why did you name my Ryan? Because it is one of my three favorite names in the whole world. I looked around the room and the other two boys were sitting at the kitchen island eating breakfast.   They nodded with the impact of that statement.   I smiled one of those all knowing mommy smiles that is the result of saying the right mommy thing at the right mommy time. Basking in the joy of successful motherhood was shattered a moment later when Rhett(6) piped up… I don’t like my name. Why? I just don’t like it.   I wish I had another name. Why don’t you like your name? Because the kids at school call me WET. As he said it, I realized that it wasn’t the kids at school that made that up.   He calls HIMSELF Wet. He has had the sweetest little speech issue with his R’s.   I love to hear him talk because his word choices are much more mature than his pronunciation.   Obviously, he isn’t feeling like it is cute at school.   Maybe it is time that we address it so he can say his own name. Motherhood has a way of interrupting a feeling of achievement with a to-do list.

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  1. Awwww poor guy…. I bet he will change his opinion of his name when he can say it better…when I was in school people used to called me my name with a B in front! Actually…..Mitchell with a B instead of M…..

  2. #10 (3 is 3 days) can not say S sound. Therefore, big brother is Hammy, she needs her hocks and hoes on her feet to go out side, etc. Samuel does not like being called Hammy. 😉

  3. My youngest, who is 8, still cannot pronounce his R’s correctly and they feature prominently in his and his brother’s names. I’ve tried to get intervention for him but so far no luck

  4. When I was little, I had trouble spelling my first name and so did my teachers. They had trouble saying it too.