rainy day potluck

Potlucks are on MondaysI assume it is rainy at your house too.

It just seems like it must be.

Let’s get this potluck of extreme melancholy {is that possible?} kicked off!


potluck storytime with HollyA month ago or so I was mourning the loss of Downton Abbey which triggered a search for a new TV obsession.

With the combination of my DVR, Netflix and iTunes there is no reason to start mid-season on ANYTHING.   So, I did some research and tried some new TV series on for size.

It is kinda like dating.   You watch the pilot and then decide if it is worth a second date.

If it is worth a second date, then you keep watching through season one.   If your mind starts wandering through season one, you know this is NOT a perfect match.   No further dates needed.   Delete it so it doesn’t occupy perfectly good space that a more worthy TV show could occupy.

That is what happened with Southland.   I have been flirting with it for awhile, but it hasn’t caught my heart.

And then I fell in love.

Head over heels.

46 episode dates later {I am NOT admitting to the short length of time it took me to consume 46 episodes…I mean, I have been swept off my feet}, next season can’t come fast enough.

It is White Collar.

White Collar is sweet, and fun, and exciting, and sweet…just like a date should be.

If you haven’t seen it, I am a bit jealous that you can sit down and watch it for the first time, but start at the beginning…first dates are important!

Any suggestions for my next TV series date?

when Holly writes elsewhere potluckFor something a little different…

I wrote a children’s story about DST called The Fidgety Little Hour.

And then did some line art inspired by my big wall art sting art installation.

This was a Kindergarten project:   How to Draw a Straight Line that I did with Rhett and ended up having as much fun as he did.

And then last week we had some brush cleared out of our backyard.   OK, it was more like a humungous dump truck of brush.

There were piles and piles of sticks and logs which begged to be used.

We decorated a bird house.

potluck storytime with HollyHi Google.

It is me again.

I have taken the plunge and joined G+.

Because I have so much time on my hands {juggling Twitter, FB, FB, FB, FB, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Instagram, LinkedIn, BlogFrog and whatever else}.

Anyway, here I am if you also have drank the Google flavored Kool Aid:

Why do I have to link to all of those above?   Because G+ still doesn’t have vanity URLs.   The URLs are a huge string of numbers that I would never remember in a million years considering we don’t even have to remember our own phone numbers anymore.   There are some cheat vanity URLs for G+, but I think it is time for the real thing.

I mean, they are Google.

They can make it easier to FIND myself on G+.

What is in Holly's Fruit Bowl?What IS in my fruit bowl…

  • I don’t know.   I am too tired to get up and go over and look.

Happy Monday!   May your Monday be full of energy since I didn’t use much writing this…


  1. Okay, I mentioned this on FB, but if you haven’t watched Parenthood, you should. It is so, so good. It’s one if the few shows I will watch the actual night it comes on. That’s a pretty big deal for me. Also, I really like New Girl, but it’s a different mindset.
    I never know who has the same weird sense of humor I do.

    1. Thanks Buffi! Parenthood is at the top of my list – I kinda live it too hahahaha.

  2. Have you already dated, I mean watched the Wire? It’s as if Dickens covered the drug trade.

    1. oooo! That sounds perfect for me.

  3. Casey King says:

    Im a big fan of How I met your mother.

    1. I haven’t seen it recently, but love it – huge NPH fan :).

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