It’s a fact that kids are more apt to eat something if it’s fun food. These monster recipes will have your kids chomping down and asking for more! Plenty of ideas in here, perfect for Halloween or a monster themed party.

20 Monster Snacks & Recipes for Kids

20 Monster Snacks & Recipes the Kids Will Love

Whether you are looking for some healthy food to get your kids to eat more at lunch time, or you’re searching for some sweet treats just for fun, here’s a list of 20 great ideas to get them creating and munching!

Edible Monsters on the Healthier Side

20 Monster Snacks & Recipes for Kids

Make these packable Monster Fruit Cups from Totally The Bomb

Make a healthy Green Monster Smoothie from Spoonful

These adorable Veggie Monsters can be found at Kix Cereal

These Fruit Monsters are so unique and monsterific from Simplistically Living

Make a big batch of Monster Sandwiches from My Own Road

We love these Mini Monster Cheese Balls from Hungry Happenings

Turn dinner time into fun time with these Monster Shells from Sprout Online

Edible Monsters on the Sweet Treat Side

20 Monster Snacks & Recipes for Kids

Monster Cookies

These Blob Monster Cookies look so fun! Via Red Ted Art

These Chomping Monster Cookies from Pillsbury are super cute!

The Decorated Cookie shows you how to make these adorable Monster Cookie Sticks!

Oh my gosh, could these Gooey Monster Cookies be any cuter?! Found at Lil’ Luna

20 Monster Snacks & Recipes for Kids

Monster Pops on a Stick

Find the instructions for these Fuzzy Monster Pops at The Decorated Cookie

Kix Cereal has instructions for these sweet Monster Cereal Pops

Who could resist these Monster Cookie Pops from Good Cook?

Kids will love making these Monster Marshmallow Pops from Multiples & More

20 Monster Snacks & Recipes for Kids

Monster Snacks & Treats

These adorable Jello Jar Monsters are from Echoes of Laughter

We love these darling Rolo Monsters from cakewhiz!

I’m in love with these Cupcake Monsters from The Seven Year Cottage

Make these Monster Brownies using cereal for polka dots! Via Amanda’s Cookin’

This Monster Mash Candy Bark from In Katrina’s Kitchen is perfect for a party!

I’ve never seen anything like these Monster Cake Pops so cute for Halloween.

Edible Monsters – Healthy & Sweet

20 Monster Snacks & Recipes for Kids

Make Monster Apple Faces with Kids Activities Blog

Make awesomely fun Apple Monsters with Parents Magazine

We have 5 more Halloween treats to make with kids!

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