Make a Funny Heart Pencil Topper Craft

This pencil topper craft for kids uses basic simple sewing skills or you can use glue. It is great for kids of all ages to try sewing for the first time or to create something special to take with them to school. Making a pencil topper works as a fun back to school craft, party craft and favor or something fun to hand out to classmates.

Back To School Felt Pencil Toppers craft - shown are three heart shaped pencil topper crafts completed in blue pink and yellow
Let’s make felt pencil toppers to make us smile at school!

Pencil Topper Craft Idea for Kids

A little bit of goofy love to send off with your little ones for their return to school! These DIY felt heart pencil toppers with marker drawn faces will bring a little joy to their day and make writing even more fun.

These heart shaped pencil toppers with funny faces remind me a little of emojis. You can create whatever expression works best for your mood at any given time. Make several different mood pencil toppers to change out when desired!

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Supplies Needed to Make Pencil Topper Craft

Directions to Personalize Your Own Pencil Topper

Back To School Felt Pencil Toppers
You will need two heart shaped felt shapes per pencil topper.

Step 1

Cut the scraps of felt into heart shapes, you need two hearts per pencil topper craft you make.

Back To School Felt Pencil Toppers
Using embroidery thread, sew around the heart leaving an opening at the bottom.

Step 2

Sew around the edges with the embroidery thread leaving a gap at the bottom for the pencil to insert.

No-sew: Alternatively, you can glue the outer edges together with some fabric glue!

Back To School Felt Pencil Toppers
Now add some funny faces with permanent marker.

Step 3

Then invite your kids to draw on their little heart faces – happy, goofy, confused….. they decide!

Yield: 1

Felt Pencil Topper Craft for Kids

Felt Back to School Pencil Topper Craft for Kids - Kids Activities Blog FB

This simple and cute pencil topper craft is great for kids of all ages. It can be sewn with easy stitches or glued together. Kids can make their own pencil topper or make one for a friend at school.

Active Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Difficulty Medium
Estimated Cost $1


  • scraps of felt
  • embroidery thread and an embroidery needle
  • thin black permanent marker
  • pencils
  • For the no-sew version: use fabric glue instead of embroidery thread and needle


  1. Cut felt scraps into heart shapes. You will need two matching heart shapes for each pencil topper.
  2. Sew or glue around the edges of the hearts leaving a little space at the bottom to insert a pencil.
  3. With a permanent marker, add a face to your pencil topper!

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How did your pencil topper craft turn out? What faces did you draw with the Sharpies?

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