dizzy potluck

Potlucks are on MondaysIt is true.

You are here.

You are one of the lucky potluck participants despite a limited number of spots available!

Without any further ado…let’s potluck!

holly is living better through pinterestThis is one of my favorite All Things Parenting pins:


Source: alimartell.com via Holly on Pinterest


The picture was taken by one of my favorite fellow bloggers, Ali Martel.   She goes on to explain in the caption that this is “The hand-holding punishment. This is, by far, the very best way to punish children. Also, the cutest. :)”

Between that and kissing jail, punishment of children has never been so loving!

Pledge potluck banner updated with II

Yes, against all odds, Pledge ® Multi-Surface II Antibacterial Cleaner is still sponsoring potluck.

They are very tenacious.

Very tenacious about finding germs!

*see how I did that?*

Watch how I kill 99.9% of germs in unlikely household places when I use Pledge ® Multi-Surface II Antibacterial Cleaner according to the directions:

when Holly writes elsewhere potluckDiapers.

Thankfully we are beyond that point, but that doesn’t detract from the absolute hilarity that ensues if they are mentioned around three little Nirvana boys.

So, I thought it would be fun to do a science experiment that caught their attention:

how do diapers work?How do diapers work?   It was one of those times that I learned more than they did!

Recently, I exposed one of my favorite “scrapbooking techniques”:

Memory JarsMemory Jars are so fun and easy that the kids will take over the project!

potluck storytime with HollyDoes your park have one of these?

merry go roundIt is the coolest thing.


Seriously, I can’t stay off of it.   Because the platform is tilted, it can be self-propelled by either running in one direction around the center post or standing at the center post and turning.   The latter reminds me of the old Sit ‘n Spin.

The boys love to sit on the edge while I power the rotation and see who of them can stay on the longest.   I am proud to report that no one can stay on for more than 3 revolutions.

I am that good.

What is in Holly's Fruit Bowl?Ahhh…we can stop spinning and focus on what is really important in life:

My fruit bowl contents:

  • 3 real bananas
  • 3 faux bananas {try and guess which is which!}
  • 2 twisty-ties
  • 1 plastic disk that does the job of a twisty-tie, but I don’t know what they are called

Happy Monday!   May the choice to wear matching shoes be optional…


  1. 1. We call those not-twist-ties “bread bag thingies.” Sorry to get all technical on you.

    2. I love that Rhett has on two different colored crocs. I swear, your boys would fit in just fine with mine.

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