How can I jump start labor?!  <—extra exclamation points, please!

I have been there!  Those last few weeks of a nine month pregnancy seem to drag on forever.  I found that sleeping was very uncomfortable, I was still nauseated and quite ready to meet my new baby!

How do you jump start labor

How to Safely Induce Labor?

I started doing a ton of research because that is what I do…and I had a lot of time on my hands due to lack of sleep.  I was worried because people had warned me to sleep PRIOR to the baby, but because I just couldn’t get comfortable, it didn’t happen.

That worried me too!

Time for this baby to come out!

The first thing that people suggested was walking…or in my case, waddling.  I took it seriously and increased my daily distance.  I tried to always walk with someone else just in case it worked!

The next thing I tried was some gentle yoga poses that put me in different positions.  It felt really good, but didn’t seem to move things along!

Spicy food was next on the list of recommendations.  Living in Texas means that a jalapeño is never far away.  We went to our favorite restaurant and ate a favorite meal.  It didn’t help jump start labor.  It didn’t help me sleep that night.

Every night I take a bath.  One article I read suggested that, but since it is a daily ritual, I didn’t think it would do much.  And it didn’t.

Day by day passed.  My due date came and went.


OK, so at this point you are reading this thinking…this girl doesn’t know how to safely induce labor!

You are right.  I had to wait 2 days past my due date and then 26 hours of labor.  But I can honestly say it was totally worth the wait!


Here are some of the best answers from our Facebook community

-I started two of my four labors by using a double electric breast pump for 5-10 minutes every 15 mins or so for about an hour. Contractions will begin almost immediately so be ready.

-I heard it all: sex, spimoni ice cream, walking…. truth is, the baby will come when the baby comes.

My Grandma was an OB nurse and said they were ALWAYS busy on a full moon!

I really think you need to put your feet up, grab a few good movies and enjoy your last bit of peace and quiet. A well rested mama is going to do better in the labor and delivery marathon.

jumpstart labor

Here are a couple of items that are said to help start labor naturally:

We have no idea, but these things are always fun to investigate.  Affiliate links support Kids Activities Blog.

Earth Mama Angel Baby Labor Prep Tea

Evening Primrose Oil – said to be a natural way to help induce labor.

Here are even more articles about how to start labor:

8 Ways to Speed Up Labor from Just Mommies

Natural Ways to Encourage Labor from OBGYN North

How To Speed Up Labor: Natural Induction from Modern Alternative Pregnancy

If you have suggestions, please stop by our FB page and let us know what has worked for you!  We would love to hear about it.

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