Plane old potluck

It is Monday.
It seems to happen frequently.
It is Potluck.
Oh, ya.

From now on I think Rachel should cater the potluck. She runs Mouthwatering Mondays over at her place and there is no reason why we should be sitting over here at the Nirvana starving…

Also, if you haven’t seen her debut on the FRONT page of the business section of the Chicago Sun Times you need to go see it. Pretty cool stuff.

Over the last 6 months since my ground-breaking essay marker-drawn rant about low-flow toilets, I have been receiving a few hits from Googlers needing more low-flow info. This week must have been a really CRAPPY week because I received 15 hits (yes, 15!) from searches of “plunging low flow toilets”. I hope my advice is helpful.

What is up with Holly’s Coccyx?

Nothing that a few days of snow-skiing won’t help.
I hope.

Let’s find out who is Peep of the Week!

I lied. I don’t know! Arghhhhh. I am going to announce it next week along with a new Peep of the Week feature.

I know!
So exciting.
How will you ever sleep for 7 more days?
Oh, the suspense…

What is in Holly’s fruit bowl?


And now for a little story entitled:

God Answers Prayer on a Plane

You know those kids. The ones that when they were babies would fall soundly asleep in their car seat carrier and could be toted out to lunch or a moms night out. The ones that when toddlers could be taken to church and would fall asleep on the pew. The ones when pre-schoolers would sit quietly coloring in a book from their mother’s purse. The ones when in early grade school would tote along a Magic Treehouse Book and read the time away.

Those are NOT my kids.

They never sat quietly in a carrier. They have never fallen asleep in church. They are staunchly anti-coloring. And silently reading? *cough*

So, traveling in any capacity is a little difficult.

When we decided to fly to our vacation destination, I felt a little stressed just thinking about Rhett on the plane.

The plane is in PUBLIC.

The plane takes OTHER people.

The plane people may not enjoy Must See RhettTV

*blood pressure rises*

For the last few weeks I have been telling Rhett that we are going on a plane during his nap time. We will put his car seat in the plane and once we are in the air he can take his nap.


That Holly is such a dreamer.
An optimist.
A bit unrealistic.

We got on the plane.
I installed his car seat.
He sat down.
We waited on the runway for 1 hour.
He chatted away for 1 hour.
We took off.
And before we hit our desired altitude:

He slept soundly until we landed.
And we arrived safely.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

May your Monday be turbulence-free…


  1. Nanny Goats In Panties says:

    Oh thank God for the hypnotic rumble of a plane. And WHY CAN’T I ever have those children directly behind MY childless-and-therefore-unsympathetic ass?!

  2. aw. that almost made me cry it was so sweet. seriously. must be that time of the month or something!

  3. Angie Ledbetter says:

    Liked the way ya made “plain old potluck” say “plane” to match the kidlet story! And, um, did he sleep like that without Benadryl?? Too cute!

  4. Jenn @ Juggling Life says:

    My husband wishes he would have been on your plane instead of the one he was one–the one with the screaming toddler.

  5. Headless Mom says:

    I don’t have those kids either. Hopefully you’re not using up your one good ride and this becomes a pattern! Have a great time on your vacation!

  6. Scary Mommy says:

    There are few things that beat a sleeping child on an airplane. Unfortunately, I cannot speak from experience! He looks like an angel!!

  7. Oh, that picture gives me hope. In about three weeks I’ll be on a plane with mine… all… by… myself… no one… to help… me… ohmygod why did I think this was a good idea?

  8. Happy Campers says:

    Yay for plane naps! When we started traveling way back when with Reese, we always said that nap time was on the plane (whether it’s 9am or 3pm!). It NEVER fails…he plays until we take off, then he’s ready to lay down and promptly falls asleep for the entire flight!

    I’m glad Rhett did the same…sure makes the flight go faster!

    You guys have fun…we’ll miss you!

  9. MommyTime says:

    I can’t even remember how I got here because I’ve been here for so long reading so many posts. Honestly. The animated you is hilarious and amazing, and if I didn’t have to get some work done this morning, I might never leave. Also? You love my friend Mr Lady, so you must be brilliant. Off to subscribe now…

  10. Manic Mommy says:

    We’re flying to Disney on an evening flight. I’m putting them on the plane in ‘jamas. And saying a little prayer. I think HRH will be okay. Gremlin (as always) is the wild card.

  11. You are too funny, DamnTexasHolly.

    That picture of him is just priceless!! Plane old Potluck *snicker* Nothing you do is plain so… there!

    Oooh new features! I’m all aquiver and stuff.

    MWAH! I will gladly host, if you will animate 😉 You rock.

  12. Holly Jahangiri says:

    I’ve sworn never again to trot our our airplane story. W. is a world-class traveler – now.

    I’ll have to catch up here – I rant about low-flow toilets almost daily. Like, when I’m plunging ours. Because it can’t flush two @#$% squares of @#$% toilet paper.

  13. Kids are ALMOST always good on planes. I never worry. I’m glad all your worry was for nothing, but the stress it caused! Have fun in skiing!

  14. Valarie Lea says:

    Awwww that is such a sweet picture of him. Thank goodness he slept. 🙂

  15. Threeundertwo says:

    Let’s hear it for white noise and boring clouds to look at!

    I’m getting into training for the new Peep of the week stuff, whatever it is.

  16. mominmentalmotion says:

    I am glad the plane ride was a smooth and safe one for your family, especially in light of last week’s “Miracle on the Hudson”.

  17. Holly, I’ve been meaning to come leave you some comments. I stumbled on your blog from…good lord, i can’t remember where anymore. i can’t remember half of what i’m supposed to remember though. anyway, you make me LAUGH! on a regular basis.

    and laughter is good.

    also, i’m sad your fruit bowl is empty today, and i’m new so i’m not sure what peep of the week is but i’m waiting eagerly to find out. but most of all, i’m glad rhett fell asleep on the plane. one day soon, i’ll have to take my kid on a plane, and this picture of rhett gives me hope.

    some days, hope is all there is. particularly when stuck on a plane 10,000 feet in the air. with bitchy people who may not appreciate hope and all that. or something.


  18. jill jill bo bill says:

    I won’t tell a soul that pacifier was laced with Dimatapp. Not a soul. I swear!

  19. Elaine A. says:

    you lucky duck. : )

  20. Jenni Jiggety says:

    Wahoo! Yay for the sleepies!

  21. I am way too jealous for words that you are going sno skiing. I mean I grew up near Denver and that was what we did on weekends, every weekend. Here in Illinois, let’s just say that you can see for miles and miles and miles, because it is so freaking flat!

    Good planning on your part, and it was good of Rhett to comply. 🙂

    Peep of the Week? Changes? I know, I know, how about changing it to ‘Roger of the Week?’ I know of at least one person that would think it was pretty cool – especially the cash prizes. 🙂

    Happy skiing!

  22. Have fun skiing!

    My kids have never slept at church either. EVER. And, they are not the type to sleep in a car or plane either. I’ve always been a little jealous of the ones whose kids do!

    Usual travel du jour for us is: there aren’t enough seats together, and Derrick usually ends up with the oldest. They play video games and sleep. I get the youngest. No video games or sleeping going on in our row. 🙁

  23. Oh, I just love him! Our last plane ride was MISERABLE…Did I say MISERABLE loud enough? I don’t know if I did…it was MISERABLE!!!

    Miss you…

  24. Colleen - Mommy Always Wins says:

    Thank GOD for kids who sleep on planes!

  25. Lizz @ Yes, and So is My Heart says:

    Yay! But, part of me also thinks that is very unfair. We’ve had our share of not fun plane rides.

    Have fun wherever you are!

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