My youngest preschooler loves pretend food and is obsessed with “cooking” right now. Thanks to some homemade felt from my sister-in-law, we have all the supplies we need to make a whole assortment of pretend felt food.   We have all the fun with none of the sugar-rush.   Thanks Jeanette! .

How to make your own felt cupcakes:

We first cut the felt into thick strips, about 3 inches tall and 2 feet long (but you’ll need to be longer if your felt isn’t very thick).   Roll it tightly into a “muffin”.   I then used a rubber band to hold it together as I tacked the edges closed.     Once you have it in a “muffin” trace the circle on your other felt so the top “icing” matches perfectly.   I added a “button” of icing on the top for decoration. . Once you have your felt “food” product created and tacked together, get some hot water and dip your finished product into the water.   Take it out so it can cool.   The hot water binds the felt to each other so your piece is less likely to come apart.   We stuck ours in the dryer for additional “staying power”.   Note:   This trick only works with wool felt, not with the synthetic stuff. . I love wool felt!

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  1. question…how do you “tack” the edges closed & what would you use to do this part? i get the part about using a rubber band to hold the muffin together. thanks so much! i am an early childhood buff and love this site.

    1. I barely tacked them together by sewing, just enough to hold it in the hot water. As the wool is submerged in the boiling water the fibers change their consistency and “grab” each other in the felting process. There is no need to truly sew the felt pieces together as they will do that naturally “in the process”. Hope that helps 🙂