Outdoor activities are essential for your children.  There is so much good that comes out of playing outside so today we’re sharing some ideas on how to do that no matter what the weather is.  If we wait for the perfect weather to head outside, we may never get there! These were inspired by Rain or Shine Mamma who has some really amazing ideas!

10 Outdoor Activities for Any Season

10 Outdoor Activities for Any Season

1.  Have a Picnic – Here are over 50 different ideas for picnicking with your kids! 2.  Stick Alphabet  –  Making letters out of sticks is a super easy activity that doesn’t require much planning. 3.  Animal Tracking  – Here is a beginners guide to animal tracking which is a fun activity to do outside with your little ones. 4.  Outdoor Volcano – Put your ingredients in a plastic bottle and pile some dirt around it to form the volcano shape.  Next, add in your secret ingredient and enjoy! 5.  Hiking with Toddlers – Great tips for going on a stress-free hike with your young ones. 6.  Staying Warm – You can play outside even in the cold winter weather with these tips for keeping your little ones warm. 7.  Create Art – There is art everywhere and you can use the treasures you find outside to create some gorgeous masterpieces. 8.  Cleanliness – This is great information on the thought of being “too clean” and how you can allow your kids to be kids and still stay healthy. 9.  Sinking Ships – When it’s really hot outside, learn about buoyancy by filling a large tub with water and creating tin foil boats.  Put some change in your boat and see how much it takes to sink! 10.  Why You Should Play Outside –  Did you know that that children that play outside are less likely to need eye glasses?  Here are 13 great reasons to let your kids play outside more. 11. Frozen Toys– Freezing your kids toys in water provides some interesting fun, come take a look!

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  1. We haven’t yet dime any of those adventure experiences but they sound amazing. For us a favourite was the Tasman Island adventure cruise we did a few years back, along the Tasmanian coast. So much fun and amazing sites with scenery and wildlife. Can’t wait to do it again with the kids (I was pregnant at the time).