Teaching our kids about the world is so important.   Today we’ve gathered a list of ways to learn all about different countries and cultures inspired by Kid World Citizen.   You can use books, food and fun to begin understanding the world around us.   There’s so much to learn!

12 Ways To Teach Your Kids About The World

12 Ways to Teach Your Kids About The World

1.   Here are three wonderful ways to explore the world's geography, animals and culture from your living room. 2.   Read diverse books about kids around the world, like these great picture books on South Africa. 3.   Globalize your snack time with kid-friendly snacks from different countries, like these Maori fry bread treats from New Zealand. 4.   Learn about festivals around the world by inviting a few friends over and having a global party. 5.   Take a brain break from homework by listening to these fabulous dance songs from around the world. 6.   Play a world-themed board game to learn more about geography.   Here are five great games to begin with. 7.   Collect postcards from around the world by enlisting the help of your friends and family. 8.   Introduce your family to a foreign film next movie night!   Try the award-winning Indian film “Like Stars on Earth.” 9.   Learn some new words in another language!   These very simple bilingual books will introduce simple words in Spanish for non-native speakers. 10.   Break out your art supplies and explore other cultures through art projects you can make at home, like these Panamanian molas. 11.   Pen-pals are a great way to make friends in another country and learn firsthand about kids around the world! 12.   Here’s how to add a mural of the world to a wall in your home! Many thanks to Becky of Kid World Citizen for helping us raise globally aware kiddos.   Check out her blog and pinterest boards for more ideas.

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  1. Love this. One thing I would want my child to be is articulate and worldy as I see too many uncultured people around. haha

  2. Arrrrrrgh! I am not able to pin your facebook posts from my iPad. and I really, really want to be able to do that. This is the third time in a couple of weeks, which means you’re posting WONDERFUL STUFF!

    Thank you! I appreciate all the hard work that goes into your blog.

  3. Great list! We moved to Germany last year, and have travelled to a few different countries in Europe since then. I find that not only were my children not really aware of different cultures and ways of the world, but neither was I! I think it’s very important for everyone (not just kids) to learn that their country/culture isn’t always the “best” or only way of doing things! 🙂