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This year on Kids Activities Blog we are highlighting amazing  kid charities.  We are finding large and small organizations that are doing incredible work to help kids all over the world.  It is our way to thank them for inspiring us.

Today we are excited to be highlighting the charitable work of the Videre.

Videre - Pauls village store - Kids Activities Blog

Videre Charity

It's Monday morning and Paul is sitting at the front of the classroom, pencil in hand, listening attentively to his teacher.

For many years, Paul only dreamed of sitting in this seat.

You see, when Paul was younger, he never got the chance to finish school. Instead, he worked to help his family make enough money to send his younger brothers to school.

Three years ago, Paul was selected by his pastor to participate in a Micro-Business as Missions program that equipped him with knowledge of basic business principles and the perspective of using his business as a tool for community development and missions, and at the end of the program, Paul received a small loan to re-open a provisions store in his village.

Videre - Paul inside his store - Kids Activities Blog


Since the completion of his training, Paul's weekly income has more than tripled and he has been able to share the good news of Jesus Christ with many people who visit his store; he has even led some of them into a personal relationship with Jesus.

Videre - Paul and his family - Kids Activities BlogKid Charities

To Paul, being an entrepreneur stands for hope of a better life for his family, especially his children. The next generation will not be the same. It will be better because of what we can do now.  With a loan to improve his business, Paul has not only been able to pay for all of his children to go to school, but now in his mid-thirties, he is sitting in a classroom, finishing his final year of secondary school!

Videre is a non-profit organization, based in Dallas, TX. Videre’s mission is to fight spiritual and physical poverty by equipping the world's poor to build Gospel-centered businesses where:

  • People are discipled within a business context to live and share Jesus Christ
  • People are empowered as entrepreneurs to provide for their own needs and the needs of others.

To learn more about partnership opportunities with Videre, or to make a tax-deductible donation, please visit them at  or connect with them on  Facebook.

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