It's obvious. Kids Activities Blog loves babies! That's why we are highlighting March of Dimes on our kids charities series. march of dimes - kids charities - Kids Activities Blog.jpg March of Dimes seeks to help babies have the healthiest start to life as possible. They also send funds to support research on pregnancy complications and vaccines for pregnant moms and infants. March of Dimes also seeks to improve neonatal care in hospital across America. This caring charity also focuses on comforting moms and families that lose a baby due to health complications during pregnancy or delivery. March of Dimes believes in life and uses its funds to encourage, support and enhance the life of infants as well as pregnant mothers.

March of Dimes

Every single year over half a million babies in the United States of America are born before 37 weeks of pregnancy. Those babies can face some serious, life-threatening health issues. March of Dimes believes those numbers are too high and seeks to lower them through equipping pregnant moms with knowledge about healthy pregnancy care as well as teaching new moms how to care for a pre-mie. In 2003, March of Dimes launched a new campaign to fight prematurity. In 2008, this campaign went global. Third-world countries are now enjoying the benefits of having valuable knowledge available concerning healthy pregnancies, preterm labor and how to care for a premature infant. Even when advanced medical care and facilities are not available, basic health and safety knowledge has saved many lives. March of Dimes spends time and funds to focus on equipping the third-world countries with simple, life-saving skills that mothers of high risk pregnancies and premature infants need to know. Every pregnancy deserves to be healthy and celebrated. This well-known charity organizes marches across the U.S. to raise funds to help give babies a healthy start and to raise awareness of the high costs of prenatal care, how to have healthy pregnancy and how to prevent preterm birth. March of Dimes also donates pregnancy and baby supplies to pregnancy and birth classes to encourage women to stay healthy and enjoy their pregnancy. Here are some amazing things March of Dimes has accomplished in 2013 through people and organizations that have given to this cause: 4 million babies benefited from March of Dimes’ research
  • $23 million dollars was invested to prevent premature birth and birth defects.
  • 2.3 million parents and health professionals received services and education to improve babies ™ health.
  • Some more specific goals and projects for March of Dimes right now are as follows:
Developing treatments to cure vision defects in babies
  • Encouraging and informing moms about the importance of newborn screening.
  • Educating moms about the importance of folic acid to prevent neural tube defects.
  • Investing in new heart treatments that can save the lives of the tiniest heart patients.
Every year March of Dimes handpicks a spokesperson to represent the heart of their global campaign. This year they chose six-year-old Aiden Lamothe. Every single year Aiden and his family take time to visit and say thank you to the doctors and nurses who helped save his life. Aiden and his family take premature births seriously because he was born 12 weeks early and weighed only three pounds — a birth weight that any mom would have a difficult time processing. Aiden's premature birth needed specialty care and services. He ended up spending seven weeks in the hospital before he got to go home.

Kid Charities

Choosing Aiden and his family to raise awareness of the needs and expenses of premature birth was a wise decision by March of Dimes. Now their facts and numbers have a face and a heart. I am looking forward to hearing more from Aiden and his family as they embark upon a journey of helping save other babies who face the same difficulties Aiden faced six years ago. Way to go, Aiden! If you would like to donate or get involved with March of Dimes, check out additional information here.

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