Kids Activities Blog is continuing our series of highlighting caring and community-friendly kid charities across the U.S. Do your kids love to play at the park? Do you have special memories of playing on your school's playground? Every child deserves a place to play - Kids Activities Blog   Most of us moms have fun, exciting memories of swings, monkey bars and or course — merry-go-rounds! That's where our next kid charity comes in. It’s called Kaboom, and it has one mission — to provide every child an opportunity to make those same playground memories of laughter and giggles that past generations have enjoyed.


Even though many cities have playgrounds, too many of them are unsafe or not properly built for children with handicaps. Children with disabilities can find it difficult to maneuver around a kids’ play area, but Kaboom seeks to change that — all over the U.S. Kaboom also seeks to help kids get more active. Too many American kids are overweight, stressed and depressed. Kaboom believes that if kids have access to better playgrounds they will want to get outside and burn off that extra stress and weight — while having fun! I guess having a park nearby for my kids to play was something I took for granted. I wonder if other moms do too. It was not until I came to the mission field of Southeast Asia that I realized how much I missed it. Sure, there is a park only five minutes from our house, but it is definitely not a safe place to play. Almost all the equipment is made out of scary-looking, rusted metal. The swings are broken and the slides are steep and wobbly. Last time we chanced the park, I saw a girl fall and injure herself quite badly. Now, we try to figure out creative ways to roller blade, play ball and perform other outdoor activities at home. Not until I had a safe, clean park taken away from my kids did I realize how blessed parents are in many cities in America. I guess most of us think the parks will always be there, and they will always be in safe, working order. Never did I once think about all the money, time and planning it took for people to produce a safe place for kids to play. My kids have learned so much at the park, it saddens me to think that other kids may not have the same opportunity to grow and learn. My favorite park in Greenville, SC is Poinsett Park. It is a small and quiet park with a lot of perks. It has a special walkway that surrounds the play area where parents can walk with their babies in strollers or just get some needed exercise — while watching their older kids swing and slide. There is also a nicely covered area where people can have parties and special events. The location is also close to a library and a large shopping center. I can take my kids to the library, park and do a shopping run in one quick, non-hassle trip.

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When I read about Kaboom, I thought it was an amazing organization that cares about kids. As you can tell, Kids Activities Blog highly encourages kids to learn through play and adventure! Kaboom seemed like the perfect charity to highlight! Kaboom has invested and set-up over 2,000 safe, handicap accessible parks since 1995. The average cost of a brand new playground is $55,000. Kaboom teamed up with large cooperations as well as personal givers to make safe playgrounds become a reality to many cities across the U.S. Kaboom came into existence after a 24-year old man named Darrell Hammond was moved by tragic circumstances of two children. His heart was moved and he concluded that safe playgrounds should be available to all kids — rich or poor. Thus, his adventure began to build, build and build some more — until kids far and wide had new, safe playgrounds. His dreams have come true and support for Kaboom has poured in from the White House to Hollywood. People heard of this great mission and got involved. Kaboom also created a new fun way for kids to play. called Imagination Playground. This playground is easily set-up in areas where a playground may not be feasible. Check out some videos and other fun facts about that project here. Want to get involved? Contact Kaboom to find out ways you can help get a playground in every city in America! Do you know of an amazing charity that helps kids in a big way? Fill out this form and we will look into highlighting that charity!

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