13 Penguin Activities… Because Who Doesn’t Love Penguins?

Penguin activities are a fun way to learn all about this amazing bird. Kids love to learn about all of the different animals on our planet, and today we’re focusing on a really cute one!

We have put together a list of penguin crafts for kids of all ages!

11 {Adorable} Penguin Activities

Penguin Crafts For Kids

Penguins capture the attention of kids and adults alike. Maybe it’s because they look like they wear tuxedos.

Or it could be that they swim instead of fly. Maybe it’s because they waddle and slide.

One thing is for sure– your kid is going to have so much fun learning more about the birds with these activities!

Penguin craft to make a little black penguin with a yellow tummy with green, orange, red, pink, and blue hearts in the middle.

Penguin Art For Kids To Make

1. Penguin Lunch Box

Make a delicious penguin lunch box for the family!  Everything here looks just like a penguin, even the peanut butter cup! Plus, this is a healthy lunch your family will want to eat! -via Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons

2. Penguin Rock Painting

Painted rocks are huge right now! This is perfect because this penguin rock painting looks just like little penguins. Paint several of them and make a whole penguin family. -via Inspiration Laboratories

3. Stick Penguin

This penguin craft is super easy! This stick penguin would make a great boredom buster for a preschooler. Not only is it fun to make, but it also promotes pretend play as well,  as it can be used as a puppet!-via Preschool Powol Packets

4. Penguin Sensory Play

Play this fun game called Free the Penguins by simply submerging some penguin figurines in Jell-O and letting your kiddos dig them out! This is a great sensory play idea since Jell-O has a very unique texture.-via Memorizing the Moments

How to make a penguin out of a plastic bottle with a red and white bow tie holding a red heart glued to a pink straw.

5. How To Make A Penguin Out Of A Plastic Bottle

We can show you how to make a penguin out of a plastic bottle. Use an empty coffee creamer container for a  recycled valentine penguin. Perfect for Valentine’s day or anytime.

6. Penguin Footprint

This penguin footprint is so cute! Just dab your little one’s foot into some black paint and give it a white face and belly! Don’t forget to give it an orange beak and googly eyes and there you have an awesome penguin footprint! . -via Instructables

7. Penguin Handprint

We’ve done the penguin footprint, now it is time to make the penguin handprint! Trace little hands to make this adorable penguin handprint craft that’s perfect for preschoolers! All you need is some felt, cotton balls, glue, and a pair of funny googly eyes. –via That Kids Crafts Site

8. Learn About Penguins

Here’s a whole lesson plan based around the letter P and penguins. This is a great way to learn about penguins! This features printables, activities, and crafts all based around this animal. -via Memorizing the Moments

9. Mr. Popper’s Penguins

Read the children’s book  Mr. Popper’s Penguins and then watch the movie together. It’s so much fun watching words come alive on screen! Plus it is a great way to spend time together as well!

Penguin coloring page with a penguin holding an umbrella in the rain.

10. Penguin Coloring Page

Keep it simple by downloading this free penguin coloring page! It is a penguin in the rain with an umbrella! It is one of the cutest little penguin coloring pages. Plus, along with the penguin coloring page, you’ll get a number of other free coloring printables as well.

11. The Penguin Song

Check out Let’s Play Music for the 5 Little Penguins Winter Counting Song with free puppet printable…oh so cute! Your kids will be obsessed with The Penguin Song! -via Let’s Play Music

12. Penguin Valentine Box

This penguin eco craft is made from a recycled box of your choice and a little creativity. Not only is it fun to make, but it can double as a penguin Valentine’s box as well! -Via The Educator’s Spin on It! 

13. Penguin Craft

Your children will love this penguin craft! Make a circle penguin with nothing but – you guessed it – circles!  Cut 10 circles out of construction paper and piece them together to form a penguin. -via Reading Confetti

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Which craft did you try out? Let us know in the comments!


  1. These are adorable. Thanks so much for sharing our circle penguin!

  2. These are all great activities to keep the kids entertained on a cold winter day! Thanks for sharing your penguin activities.

  3. Thanks! I thought these were so much fun!

  4. Marcia Lee says:

    This is an adorable idea. And since I have saved a few creamer containers, this would be a great activity for the kids in my after-school Good News Club Bible class.

  5. In two weeks we are doing P is for ________ in our preschool class. I thought we’d do Pets since we did C is for Cat but not D is for Dog cuz you just HAVE to do Dinosaurs with D. Now that I see this, though, Holly I think we have to do Penguins. Thanks for the great collection of ideas. 🙂

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