Ryan has a deal for you. boy grinningRyan has a deal for anyone. It usually involves money, Legos or something he considers rare. When something is rare, it is worth more money or Legos. And if the rare item happens to BE money or Legos…then it is worth even MORE money or Legos. Since he has been trading since nearly birth, he has much more trading experience then this brothers and peers.   He is the kid at school you DON’T want your kid trading with.   I promise. No good can come from trading with Ryan. The Nirvana Trade Commission (NTC) has historically taken a hands-off approach to regulation, but recent flagrant disregard for fair trade has caused the bureau to reconsider. I started overhearing some of the trades that he was doing at school. Poor unsuspecting classmates. We started having discussions about seeing BOTH sides of a trade…would you trade it back?   If you were the other person, would you think it was fair?   Would a third party approve the trade as equal to both parties? Usually during these conversations Ryan sits looking at me with a big grin on his face.   I believe he understands the concept, but doesn’t think it applies to him. His brothers have been on the wrong end of many of his deals.   You would think there would be a learning curve on their part, but they continue to the support of free trade. Tonight blog-Stedman and I returned from a walk to find Rhett had traded ALL his Legos to Ryan in exchange for the Hot Wheels.*
*The Hot Wheels are not really Ryan’s in the first place and are in a box in the attic because no one had played with them for years.
Blog-Stedman heard the trade details and declared the NTC would now abide by NFL rules… All trades have the possibility of being declined by the commission.

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  1. Ryan will be a defense attorney, I’m convinced. There have been plenty of times I’ve thought to myself, “Wait, what just happened? Are you really debating with a 10-year old right now?” This happens more than I’d like to admit…

  2. LOL Yup! I just had to explain what scamming is to my son. He was trying to “trade” something with a friend that wasn’t really his to trade. He is only 5. We are convinced that he is going to grow up to be a politician. ugh