Ice Cream Pops

We like Birthday parties, we like ice cream parties… and we love to create!!   Time to play with our food – we are making Layered Ice Cream Pops.

What I love about these is they are portion-controlled.   Your kids will enjoy all the fun of ice cream, enjoying each bite slowly, without eating bowlfuls!
Ice cream popsicle recipe for kids
Supplies Needed:

  • Colorful Candies (ex: Mini-m&ms, sprinkles, colorful shredded coconut, etc.)
  • Chopped up candy bars.   We used a mix of leftover candy.
  • Icecream
  • Popsicle Maker.   We don’t have one of those “Quick Popsicle Makers” but I dream of getting one, one day!   <— Affiliate link of my dream machine.


Ice cream popsicle recipe for kids

Let your ice cream sit on the counter for a few minuets so it is super soft and easy to scoop into your molds.

Layer candies and spoonfuls of ice cream in your mold.

Top with your popsicle stick.

Let your pops freeze fully before pulling them out.   If your mold is difficult to remove the icecream from, lightly dip it into warm water to loosen your pops.

Ice cream popsicle recipe for kids

Eating these pops with the kids makes me feel like it’s summer time outside, even as the grass is dreaming of becoming green again.

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