Montreal is one of Canada’s oldest cities and is full of culture, activities, food and fun. Montreal is also one of Canada’s largest cities and is home to many festivals and events throughout the year. Whatever your lifestyle, Montreal will have something to keep you busy. montreal canada

10 Things to Do with Kids in Montreal, Canada

1.  Mount Royal Park –  Visit the highest point in Montreal to get a bird’s eye view of the city below. This park has evolved over the years and there’s something to do at all times of the year. My favourite is to go tobogganing down the hill on groomed runs on a winter evening. 2.  Montréal’s Underground City –  If the weather is cooperative, move below ground and get lost in this underground city below the skyscrapers of Montreal. It’s possible to live, work, and play below ground and never have to see the sun! 3.  Botanical Gardens –  Several smaller themed gardens make up one of the world’s largest botanical gardens. It’s a beautiful place to spend an afternoon wandering around. You can travel the botanical world all in one place. 4.  Try Poutine for dinner –  Poutine is now across Canada, but it’s best when made at it’s origins. French fires topped with melting cheese curd and hot gravy are a classic dish. Poutine has expanded so that you now have many different varieties to choose from, but I recommend you start with the original. 5.  Old Montréal –  Montreal is one of the most historic cities in Canada. Explore Old Montreal with its old architecture, outdoor spaces, shopping, and activities. Immerse yourself in another time. 6.  Lachine Canal –  Stretching from the Old Port 14km to the east, this historic canal is fabulous for walking, jogging, or biking along. Once the heart of the shipping industry, it now moves at a slower pace and is a hub of outdoor activity. 7.  Biosphere Environmental Museum –  Originally the Expo ’67 USA pavillon, this geodesic dome is now home to the biosphere. Wander through the biosphere and learn about the St. Lawrence ecosystems. Discover environmental issues, day-to-day solutions, and what you can do to help. 8.  Ile St Helene –  Head over to St. Helen’s Island for a day of history. Fort de l’ÃŽle Sainte-Hélène wasn’t heavily fortified, but it is an important part of Canadian heritage. In the museum you can view relics of Canadian colonialism. During the summer you can watch the regiments perform daily military maneuvers. 9.  LaRonde Amusement Park –  LaRonde Amusement park has rides for all ages so you’re sure to find something to suit you from calm to super-thrilling. There are extra events and special entertainment at various times throughout the season as well. So don your adventure cap and head out for a day of fun. 10.  Insectarium –  Housed inside the Biodome, this is the largest bug museum in North America and you won’t be disappointed in the vast array of insects. The kids will love watching the insects at work, and parents will love the scientific learning the whole family will gather during their visit. Montreal is beautiful all year round. From sugar shacks to horse-drawn carriage rides, shopping to rock-climbing, and dozens of languages culture and history combine to make this a great place to visit.

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