man with a plan

Reid(7) is a bit impulsive.

Before he could swim, he would just jump into a pool.

What is your plan, Reid?

He climbs high into a tree and can’t get back down.

What is your plan, Reid?

He refuses to pee before leaving the house even though it is obvious that he is uncomfortable.

What is your plan, Reid?

I guess that is why I find this series of photos I took at the park the other day as a sign of planning maturity:

boy lays under play equipment at the park

I asked him why he was laying under this play equipment.

Because it is fun, mom.

boy kicks brother

And then I realized it was a plan to irritate his brother.

boy looks up skirt

And then I realized it might have been a much bigger plan.


  1. You just made me laugh out loud. That is the funniest series of pictures! Thanks for the Sunday morning laugh. I needed it.
    the wanna be country girl – Caroline

  2. LOL Hilarious!! Stoping over from BlueViolet and so glad I did.

  3. OK, I admit, I had to look twice at this to “get it” And when I finally did…LOL Boys will be boys and eventually some will be men and some will be really tall boys!

  4. Stopping by from blueviolet. Love the pics. He’s a smart one, he is. LOL

  5. That looks like something one of my boys would do. Why do they like to annoy each other so? I will I knew the answer. They will be friends when they grow up, right? If they don’t beat the snot out of each other first…

  6. Okay, that’s about the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time and as a fellow mom of a boy I completely understand. Thanks for the laugh.

  7. Those boys…they start so young.

    Blueviolet told me to stop by and I might be hanging out here more often.

  8. Cool kid, just let the children be children, kinda how I was when I was younger, I don’t plan ahead of what I do, often results in scratches and bruises…lol

  9. I “got it” right off the bat and am laughing so hard. Very smart boy you’ve got!!!

  10. I had to look at them a couple of time to get it because I thought the person in the yellow was another brother, until I looked again.

    Boys…sigh…I know them all too well, yet I don’t get them very well.

  11. Saw you on A Nut in A Nutshell. Can’t believed I hadn’t found you til now cause, chica, we got loads in common.
    Texas momma here! Mom to 3 boys! (btw, your’s are too cute!) Dancing my way through the chaos that produces and blogging all about it! Following ya now and hope you dance on over and check out my handsome devils too 😉

  12. Hahaha Oh no! And I’m always telling my daughter that she needs to wear shorts under her skirts because she likes to hang upside-down from the monkey bars!

  13. I though that was the goal in all childrens lives? No? LOL

  14. LOL!! Oh my….what a smart boy….my son might need to take a few tips from him…

    then again…maybe not.

  15. LOL!!!! How funny! Thanks for the laugh!

  16. I love peeks into the lives of families with boys. My 3 girls are amazing, but boys are a totally different kind of magic.

  17. Wow…that is one devious and crafty young man.

    Then again, there’s also the possibility that he might get fallen upon.

    But, that’s a level of foresight that many adults don’t even have.

    So I won’t hold it against him.

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