Gloria promises that “the rhythm is gonna get you” in one of her songs. Alas, her promise is broken. I tried Zumba at the gym last week. I went in knowing I had no rhythm. Turns out that is still absolutely true. Last night, we had a substitute for the Zumba class (because my lack of rhythm was not going to stop me) who prefers hip-hop. Oh sweet mercy, there is nothing funnier than my whiter-than-white self trying to “shake it.” To begin with, I have nothing to shake. Secondly, I posses no ability to shake said nothing anyway. zumba FEAT But that’s not really what I learned. What I learned is that it doesn’t matter. No one is looking at me to see how well I can do this. The instructor probably notices me flailing about in an uncoordinated manner, but she doesn’t care. I need to forget about the other people and just have fun. And I did. I’ll be back next week, giving the rhythm another chance to “get me.” But I’m not holding my breath. P.S. The “Hey Ya” video may be explicit, I don’t know. P.P.S. I also learned that no one wants to ask me any questions. But I’m still holding out hope for a few more good ones.

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